Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ken Ghosh next is finally titled Chance Pe Dance

Ken Ghosh's next is finally titled 'Chance Pe Dance'
By Joginder Tuteja

Mumbai, Aug 26 (IANS) After a musical chair of titles that ranged from "Star" to "Yahoo", director Ken Ghosh's next film, which has Shahid Kapoor in the lead, has finally been titled "Chance Pe Dance".

"Yes, my film would be called 'Chance Pe Dance'. It's final and in fact the first ever title for which I am giving a confirmation. Everything else before this, whether it was 'Star' or 'Yahoo', was merely speculation and, as you would have noticed, no one attached to the cast or the crew ever gave an official statement," Ghosh told IANS.

"Now hopefully all rumours would die as the film would hereby be known as 'Chance Pe Dance'," he added.

Since information about the title being "Chance Pe Dance" was leaked earlier, why didn't he confirm the news then itself?

"Because we hadn't got it on paper yet. Someone else was holding the title and we couldn't have announced it as ours till all the formalities were carried out.

"We also had to be careful since the entire bargaining thing comes into the picture when the party that holds the title gets to know that it has been leaked out. However, all is well that ends well since on the Saturday gone by, we finally had 'Chance Pe Dance' as our title," said Ghosh.

Considering the fact that the film, which also stars Genelia D'Souza, is a musical, a title like "Chance Pe Dance" does make sense.

"You can't ignore the relevance of the word 'chance' here though. Life just gives you one chance and you have to grab it with both hands. This is what happens to my protagonist in the film too who makes best use of the chance available to him. He dances on it...pun intended, and what happens to him from thereon is to be seen in the film," the director explained.

Ghosh had launched Shahid with his "Ishq Vishk" and the director is happy that his protege's "Kaminey" has not only done well at the box office but sky-rocketed him into the top league.

"Well, such things do work in favour of your film for sure. But eventually it's the product that matters. His 'Dil Bole Hadippa' is looking good as well and it would be nice to have two successful films behind Shahid when 'Chance Pe Dance' releases", said Ghosh.

So when is the movie set to release?

"Well, it could be in November or December but, yes, the movie is releasing this year for sure," he said. 

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