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Mausam in legal tangle

Mausam in legal tangle

Pankaj Kapur's directorial debut Mausam has been one of the most anticipated films of the year.

The film starring his son Shahid Kapoor along with Sonam Kapoor is the latest film to fall prey to legal hassles. Former colleague and a friend of Pankaj, Nawman Malik is claiming that the title Mausam is registered under his name and Nawman has also filed a complaint with the Association of Motion Pictures and TV Programme Producers. Malik is also claiming that the story of Mausam is also his.

In his complaint, Malik has alleged that he had narrated his story to Pankaj Kapur a few years ago at the actor's Versova office. After listening to the story for four hours, Kapur expressed his interest in making the film. Malik further alleges that so impressed was Pankaj with the script that he wanted to cast his son Shahid in the film. But after some time when Malik inquired about the film, Pankaj said that Shahid was not in the country and they will resume talks when Shahid returns. However, the meeting with Shahid never materialized and they all forgot about it until the day Pankaj announced his project, which sounded awfully a lot like his own, claimed Malik.

Now Mallik has moved the Mumbai High Court and is asking for an injunction against producer Sheetal Talwar and director Pankaj Kapur for using the title 'Mausam'. He has demanded a compensation of Rs 1 crore for the title and has even submitted a digital film called Mausam, which he claims he made.

Nawman Malik is a small time producer-actor. He is the producer of Mimoh Chakraborty's debut film Jimmy and has acted in films like Tridev and Vishkanya. Malik had served as an assistant to Pankaj Kapur when the latter directed the television serial Neem Ka Ped in the 1980s for Doordarshan; he had even acted alongside Pankaj Kapur in that show.

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Saif Ali Khan & Shahid Kapoor battle for India's Sexiest Bachelor

Saif Ali Khan & Shahid Kapoor battle for India's Sexiest Bachelor

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Mumbai, August 12, 2011

India’s Sexiest Bachelor is all set to have heart beats racing this weekend with four handsome hunks vying to claim the top spot in the race to be crowned India’s Sexist Bachelor.

The first head-on collision will be between Kareena Kappor’s ex and current boyfriends - the Chote Nawab, Saif Ali Khan and the chocolate boy Shahid Kapoor on Saturday August 13, 10.00 pm

The Chote Nawab may be planning to marry Kareena in 2012 but his stock value among the women only continues to grow. The Prince Charming even today, in spite of his steady girl friend Kareena has girls drool over him. Saif is a thorough gentleman and that reflects in the way his fans mob him– they don’t seem to care that he was once married or has two kids or is even dating the beautiful Kareena. In fact from being taken for a spoilt brat in Bollywood, today he is looked upon as a dependable star.

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Besides having Kareena as a girl friend, there are several similarities between Shahid and Saif, including the fact that their first movies were released when they were 22 years old! At an early age, people started betting on Shahid Kapoor as a luminous Bollywood star. But it was only after Jab We Met that Shahid could establish himself as a force in Bollywood. Shahid can be a man and a boy at the same time, a quality that has earned him millions of female fans. Women love the innocent face and the big eyes, which combined with a hot bod makes Shahid Kapoor every woman’s dream.

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Its newbie Ranveer Vs hotie Neil Nitin on Sunday

Ranveer Singh & Neil Nitin Mukesh, who will be on India’s Sexiest Bachelor on Sunday August 14, at 10 pm, are both capable of having women crave for their attention.
With his ‘die for’ international looks and light eyes, Neil Nitin Mukesh has caught everyone’s fancy right from the day he made his debut in Johnny Gaddar. His box office film New York went on to establish his popularity & his acting skill. Coming from an elite Bollywood lineage, Neil is someone who tops as far as being sexy & suave is considered. Woman love the frank, emotional and dependable Neil.

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Ranveer Singh, the newest heartthrob has a very unconventional looks and may come across as a brash young man. But his ‘I don’t care’ attitude is getting his women fans chasing him. In addition to this is his discerning smile and the boy-next-door looks makes him a strong contender for the sexiest bachelor in India.

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Poster of Shahid Kapoor starrer Mausam similar to Titanic?

Poster of Shahid Kapoor starrer Mausam similar to Titanic?

It’s almost a year since we saw Shahid Kapoor in a film. His fans are eagerly waiting for his film Mausam which is helmed by his dad Pankaj Kapur. The USP of the film is said to be its unusual love story which travels across times. Shahid is Harry and Sonam Kapoor is his ladylove Aayat, and after seeing a few trailers and stills from the film, we can feel the romance, the passion between the two lovers. 

Recently the makers launched a poster of the film in keeping with its theme, love. In it, Shahid is seen holding Sonam’s hand and the two are lost in that moment as time stands still. The poster is magical, but it gave us a feeling of déjà vu. Where have we seen something like this? After some time, it was clear! 

Mausam poster can easily remind any one of the Titanic poster. When Titanic released in India, people were not that hooked to the internet. The posters of the films which we used to see on the theatre billboards usually left an impression. Titanic poster also had that effect. 

What is strikingly similar between the two posters is Sonam’s costume and her hairstyle. She is wearing a gown just like the heroine of Titanic, Kate Winslet, on the poster. 

Have a look at the two posters, and tell us what you feel? Do you doubt the creativity of artists involved with Mausam or is it mere a coincidence.