Friday, July 09, 2010

Movie Review Milenge Milenge

Movie Review Milenge Milenge
Story: College girl, Kareena Kapoor, has just one ambition in life. She wants to settle down in sweet domesticity with a guy who has three basic hobbies: No cigarettes, no booze and no lies. Co-collegiate plus prankster, Shahid Kapoor, gets to know about it and pretends to be her dream guy, despite his penchant for the three vices. Does the romance survive when the lid is blown off the subterfuge? Leave it to destiny... 

Movie Review: So what's the one big question that stares you in your face when you walk out after watching Milenge Milenge? Would this film have been a hit had it been released when it was `Milethe Milethe' for the lead pair; that is, when real life was in sync with reel life, for Shahid and Kareena, not so long ago? The answer? Don't think so. 

And there are quite a few reasons for it. First, you could blame it on the plot which has nothing new to offer. Now that's almost criminal in an age when even the ordinary love story has been re-written in new-age Bollywood. Who talks about `Someone, Somewhere, specially for me' and consults tarrot card readers (or even, Paul, the Octopus) when it comes to love, aaj kal! Even mush moghuls like Yash Chopra, Aditya Chopra and Karan Johar are realising the risk potential of `Rab ne bana di jodi' like cliches in an age of FB, speed dating, instant romance and speedier breaking. So, it does seem corny to pitch a character like Priyanka (Kareena) who believes that a book on numerology, a fifty rupee note with a phone number or a ride in a lift is all that it would take to bring her together with her soul mate. Ironically, the entire romance unfolds as a destiny play, with one hit and miss encounter following the other. Needless to say, the lovers predictably keep missing each other by a few minutes or a few years. 

Naturally, in such a chancy affair, there isn't much that the pair of star-crossed lovers can do, other than catch wrong planes, enter wrong doors, or land up in wrong cities at the wrong time. Remember, the re-union hinges on the special rupee note which must travel the globe before it lands up in Kareena's kitty. So why the khali-peeli bhagam bhag by the babalog! Of course, Shahid and Kareena do try hard to inject life in a dead script and do manage to still look good together. 

But with outdated choreography, college humour, couture and a minus-the-thump music score (Himesh Reshammiya), this love story doesn't have the turn-of-the-century zing that has entered most of Bollywood's pyaar-mohabbat pulp fiction. 

So what's the bottomline? Milenge-Milenge ends up as a might-have-been, iffy affair. Watch it `IF' you still dig the Shahid-Kareena jodi which re-defined the word 'chemistry' in Jab We Met.