Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Delhi bole Hadippa!

When Shahid Kapur and Rani Mukerji recently came to the city for the film Dil Bole Hadippa, one thing they made sure was they weren't held ransom to the media's questions. In fact, they gave it back to the journos with a little bit of sarcasm and dollops of humour.
When Shahid was asked too many questions about Kaminey and he was talking about the transition from Kaminey to Dil Bole..., Rani suddenly interrupted with, "Hadippa!" He continued, so she said it again, and again, and finally said, "Arrey hero kitna achha lag raha hai, so lovely he's looking, aap kuch kehte kyun nahin, say na!" The next question started with, "Rani ne abhi kaha iss film mein hero bahut achha lag raha hai ... " "Achha nahin, handsome," Rani corrected. "Iss film mein hero Rani aur Veer hain, main bas beech mein aata hoon aur chala jaata hoon," said Shahid. "Yeh galat bol raha hai!" Rani said, slapping him playfully on the back. "Yeh mera hero hai, hero hai, hero hai!"

Throughout the interaction, people kept shouting 'Rani, I love you!' 'Shahid, I love you!' Shahid was asked, "Rani as a man or Rani as a woman?" "In the context of what?" he responded. "Itna general mat bolo yaar, thoda dangerous hota hai ... " After things got quieter, someone said, "Both of you have been linked to a couple of people in the industry. What do you have to say about your chemistry?" Rani promptly put an arm through Shahid's and said, "We are linked-up. See?" "Yes, yeh aaj ka hamara announcement hai. We are The Linked," Shahid grinned. "We are The Linkeds in the movies!" Rani exclaimed.