Monday, March 28, 2011

Highly expensive music video featuring Shahid and Sonam shot for Mausam

Highly expensive music video featuring Shahid and Sonam shot for Mausam
By Subhash K. Jha, March 28, 2011 - 11:36 IST 

Pankaj Kapoor's dream project Mausam just got costlier. The fastidious director has decided to shoot an elaborate promotional number which would cost the producers a staggering amount of money.

The song which began shooting at suburban hotel on Saturday evening is not quite the promotional video that Shahid has done in the past with Kareena Kapoor for Jab We Met...remember 'Mauja Hi Mauja'?

Pankaj insisted that Shahid and Sonam not just take a chance with a dance .The specification to choreographer Ahmed Khan is, the lead pair has to remain in character even when dancing for promotion, thereby taking away from the characteristic zing of a promotional video.

A fairly expensive exercize for a film that's already gone over-budget.

But as producer Sheetal Talwar puts it, "No expense is too much for this film. Every penny is a wise investment. The song has cost a whopping amount. But the extra amount is money well spent. Did anyone ask K. Asif how much he spent on that 'Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya' song in Mughal-E-Azam? What is important is not the cost. It's the end-result. We've shot a song that Shahid and Sonam can proudly show to their children."

The extra song which would serve as a promotional video for Mausam, choreographed by Shahid Kapoor's buddy Ahmed Khan, would cost the producers a whopping extra 1.5 crore rupees.

The song for which an elaborate set has been constructed began shooting at the Royal Palms in Goregaon on Saturday night. It is unlike any promotional number.

Says Ahmed, who is a very close friend of Shahid, "Yes, we've decided to shoot an additional song for Mausam. It is the film's promotional video. But when it comes to Pankaj uncle nothing is predictable. So this is a promotional video with a difference." Ahmed explains the difference. "I've shot so many promotional video. They are all out of the film's context with just the lead pair dancing to get eyeballs. Pankaj-ji insisted our video be within the context and characterization of Mausam and that Shahid and Sonam will dance and conduct themselves in the video as characters from the film, and not two stars dancing. He also insisted on the others actors like Anupam Kher being present in the number."

For Ahmed, it is a challenge doing the song, "When Pankaj uncle plays even a cameo role he goes into so much detail. You can imagine how nuanced he gets shooting his first film as director. I've never done a number like this where the promotional video is part of the film's narrative. I was just not allowed to let go of the characters that Shahid and Sonam play in Mausam while making them dance."

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