Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bipasha Basu talks about Shahid Kapoor

Bipasha Basu talks about Shahid Kapoor

You sound liberated. Do you wish this had happened earlier?
It had to happen when it did. I don't like to live in regret. I was in a relationship by choice. When I was in it, I was fully into it. Now I am not there. Once I move on, I don't look back.

You've been very miserable in the past...
Who doesn't get miserable in a relationship once in a while? There are high and low points.

You seem to be linked with lots of men these days, including Shahid Kapoor?
Yeah. If the man is cute I don't mind being linked to him. The moment I am linked to someone who is 'ugh', I will protest!

So is a relationship with Shahid in the realm of possibility?
Anything is possible. After what has happened to me I firmly believe that. And I always say, never say never. I'm touched people feel that I'm supposed to have gone into the serial dating zone, immediately after a long relationship. First there was some Russian guy...then there was Josh.
Source Times of India

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shahid Kapoor angry with Sonakshi Sinha

Shahid Kapoor angry with Sonakshi Sinha

Actor Shahid Kapoor seems to be tired of rumours around him. Just on the heels of the rumours linking him to Bipasha Basu, another actress has come into picture – though for a different reason. And the girl in question is Sonakshi Sinha. It is said that Shahid is angry with her for spreading the rumours that he is very keen to work with her.

It was reported that Shahid had sent feelers to Sonakshi to work with her, as he felt sorry for her after Sonam Kapoor was roped in for Mausam. Sonakshi Sinha has reportedly sent personal messages to the actor, apologising for the rumours doing the rounds. However, it has miffed the actor, as he thinks the actress is using him to gain publicity.

Well, Shahid should take the matter lightly, as it is giving free publicity to his upcoming release Mausam!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shahid Kapoor proud to be the only actor to fly F-16

Shahid Kapoor proud to be the only actor to fly F-16

Actor Shahid Kapoor, who while shooting for his film Mausam had the rare experience of flying multirole jet fighter aircraft F-16 takes pride in being the only film actor to have flown that ultimate flying machine. "I was quite fortunate that I flew an F-16 fighter plane. I don't think any other actor has ever flown a F-16. Even when actor Tom Cruise had done 'Top Gun' he had flown an F15. I was very fortunate to get that opportunity. It was a very exciting experience for me," Shahid told reporters, while launching the first look of the film at the PVR on Monday.

The actor had flown the American fighter aircraft at the AeroIndia defence exhibition in Bangalore earlier this year. Sharing his rare experience, Shahid reveals, "Honestly I was not fond of flying in a plane but when I actually sat in it and flew it I was so excited that I started shouting. It was probably the most exhilarating experience one could have. I am someone who loves speed anyway. 

So, the fact that I was sitting in a F-16 and I was a co-pilot was unbelievable. I also went through G force. If you know when you fly such a plane you can go up to G9. G1 is when you feel your body weight; G2 is when you feel two times your body weight. He (The co-pilot) took me up to G6. That's something I would take through my grave with me."

"I think it was required to understand my part better and it helped me to understand what all goes to become a fighter pilot," he added. Shahid closely followed the attitude and mannerisms of the Indian Air Force pilot during his visit in the bases. "I visited some air force bases to meet some air force pilots; I sat on the aircraft, I put on the G-suit, observed how they walk with the helmet. All things like that which actually gives you some kind of perspective of what it is to be representing the country and to be the part of the arm force and to be an Air Force pilot.

It's interesting to know that the value of an air force pilot is Rs.300 crore in an average because that's the money invested to make an air force officer over a period of time. He is an extremely valuable commodity. They are taken extremely good care of. They all met me like 'Oh tu to hero hai, haan thik hai'. They all have this attitude, which is awesome. They are the real heroes," said Shahid.

Mausam is the directorial debut of father Pankaj Kapoor. The film is a a love story which also stars actress Sonam Kapoor playing the lead opposite him. “Mausam is about the seasons of love. It's about different emotions and different situations that the couple goes through. That's the theme of the film," said Shahid.

The film Mausam is set to hit theatres September 16.

Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor have a love hate relationship

Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor have a love-hate relationship

Shahid Kapoor, who will be seen opposite Sonam Kapoor in their upcoming film, Mausam says, they both share friendly-fighty relationship.

"We have a very friendly-fighty relationship. We love and hate each other. And that is how we are," Shahid told reporters here, after unveiling the theatrical promo of their film Mausam last evening.

Mausam, a love story starring Shahid and Sonam in pivotal roles, is directed by Shahid's father Pankaj Kapoor.

"I usually don't interact with heroes. I don't usually interact with my co-stars. It has been a learning experience for me. Everybody had said Shahid is shy person but actually I am extremely shy and reserved person before somebody gets to know me. So he actually had to kind of start talking to me, then we were fighting-talking. Then eventually we became friends. So all is well that ends well," Sonam said.

Ever since the shooting of the film began, there were reports of differences between Sonam and Shahid and then Sonam and Pankaj Kapoor.

Shahid and I did not know each other. I had met him four-five times before. We started the film through a dance sequence. I got to know him and it created a sort of friendship, Sonam said.
Shahid Kapoor Sonam Kapoor unveil Mausam first look

Shahid Kapoor Sonam Kapoor unveil Mausam first look

Shahid Kapoor Sonam Kapoor unveil Mausam first look

Father Pankaj made Mausam only for his son Shahid Kapoor

Father Pankaj made ''Mausam'' only for his son Shahid

PTI | 04:07 PM,Jul 12,2011
In the film, Shahid essays the role of air force officer and Sonam is his love interest. "Like every father I also want my son to go ahead...excel in life. Shahid has the ability to do things. He has proved himself and has been doing it now. His acting ability, cinematic knowledge will come in front of all in the near future. I wish all success for him," Pankaj said. About casting the actress, Pankaj said, "While writing this film that time I had no girl in my head it was the character that was there in my head. When I had finished the script...that time I was thinking who it could be. Sonam was the very first one to be approached for the role." The film is slated for release on September 16. PTI KKP ABC

Monday, July 11, 2011

MAUSAM Theatrical Trailer

No more romance for Shahid Kapoor

No more romance for Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor finds himself in the thick of a romantic-period-of -sorts as his next two releases are high on the romance factor. Shahid's home production MAUSAM, which according to the actor is an intense love saga is set to release on the 16th of September this year. If that was not enough romance in Shahid's life, the actor has almost completed 30% of another romantic project with Kunal Kohli with his ex-flame Priyanka Chopra playing the female lead opposite him.

Tired of playing the romantic, Shahid now wants to put an end to it. The actor is eager to don the action avatar in the coming time and is waiting for such scripts to come his way.

The actor admits that he is looking out to play an action hero after his romantic marathon ends. Says he, 'I want to take a break from romantic films for some time. Even my fans want to see me in an action film and I am kicked about the idea. I am waiting for the right script to come my way before I take on such a project.'

In the last year and a half Shahid has been busy with MAUSAM and now his film with Kunal Kohli is set to keep him engaged for the next few months after which it will perhaps be the end of romance for him.

A Judai song brought Sonam and Shahid Kapoor closer!

A Judai song brought Sonam and Shahid closer!

Spicezee Bureau 

Mumbai: It’s a well known fact that the goings between Sonam Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor are like chalk and cheese, until recently at the sets of ‘Mausam’ when the two finally opened up.

An emotional number in the film just worked perfect to break the ice between the two.

Though Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor have been working together in a film and the shooting has been going on for a while the two have kept distance from each other off camera. 

A source said to a daily, "Shahid and Sonam are different kinds of actors. Shahid likes to rehearse and get his dialogue and expressions right before the final take. Sonam is more spontaneous, and impulsive in front of the camera. When Raakhee Gulzar worked with Amitabh Bachchan, she faced the same problem. He got better with every take, while she lost her concentration and became laboured with every extra take."

Similarly every retake the actor got left Kapoor agitated. But their differences melted when they shot a separation song. "The location crackled with their chemistry," added the source. 

"We don`t know what it was. But something definitely happened to finally break the ice between Shahid and Sonam. While earlier there was a wall of reserve between the two, the judaai song made it okay." 

When the two faced the camera, it was like they knew exactly how to complement each other on screen. Sonam was dressed in a simple salwar kameez and Shahid wore an Indian Air Force uniform. And they looked like they couldn`t keep away from each another for a second. Director Pankaj Kapoor was finally able to heave a sigh of relief," the source added to the daily. 

Shahid doesn`t deny the chemistry that the crew witnessed. "It just happened, I guess. After shooting together for so many months, we were bound to come around. The song has turned out to be very special. We both got swept into the emotional vortex of the words and tune," said the actor to a tabloid.

Shahid Kapoor in a new Avatar for Pioneer

Shahid Kapoor in a new Avatar for Pioneer

MUMBAI: Versatile…fresh…and entertaining is what Pioneer Electronics has in common with its brand ambassador, Shahid Kapoor. An extraordinary dancer and music aficionado, Shahid was in town to shoot for Pioneer’s latest campaign, designed to connect with the younger generation that is passionate about their music on the go!  With a wide portfolio of products, Pioneer has established itself as a one stop shop for all in-car entertainment solutions.

As great sound quality is intrinsic to Pioneer, so is music and dance to Shahid. As he travels a lot due to work, Shahid spends considerable amount of time listening to music; with his favourites being Bollywood and house music. He greatly admires Armin Van Buuren and is a huge fan of Michael Jackson. His association with music is not new as he has also been a judge at one of India’s top voice talent hunt. Dancing and music comes naturally to this young and vibrant star and to pursue his interest he has also trained at Shaimak Davar Institute for the Performing Arts.

Shahid Kapoor, actor and brand ambassador of Pioneer Electronics Pvt Ltd. said “I enjoy listening to good music and what really enhances the listening experience is the system quality that Pioneer as a brand offers to all its customers. Pioneer products exemplify music, fun, passion and enhance one’s entertainment experience. I am excited to be associated with them and our upcoming campaign is sure to take you all by storm”!

Shahid Kapoor open invitation to fans!

Shahid's open invitation to fans!

If you thought the ongoing roadtrip of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara cast is an unconventional tool of promotion, read further.

Shahid Kapoor will launch the promo of his forthcoming film Mausam not just for the media as happens always but also for his fans!

We have gathered information on how Shahid and Sonam Kapoor have actually invited their fans to come and attend the promo launch of Mausam on Monday evening at a suburban Mumbai multiplex!

Shahid Kapoor's publicist confirmed the news. "Shahid has a huge & loyal fan following. They love him and were hellbent on seeing the promo of Mausam for a long time. They kept posting on the micro-blogging account of Shahid their ardent desire to see the promo at the earliest. The idea of inviting the fans for a promo screening originated from here.

Mausam's team sat together and thought if this could be worked out. Shahid loved the idea of interacting with his fans in person and letting them be a part of his promo-launch too. He gave a go-ahead and the plan of having the fans over for the screening of the promo post the press conference was finalized. Sonam's fans too showed great interest post the news got circulated on web as Mausam even trended on Twitter (in Mumbai & India) yesterday" stated the publicist.

Speaking about the number of fans expected, the publicist added, "It will all depend on how many of his online fans are actually based in Mumbai. Heavy rains in the city could be another hindrance but we are expecting a fairly large crowd for whom arrangements are being made. An entire screen will be booked for the fans and depending on the numbers we can split the screenings in rounds. A press conference will be held at the same venue after which the stars will head to meet their fans at the screening."

Now Shahid fulfilling his fans' wishes by actually meeting them and sharing his special day with them is really cute. Hope other actors follow suit and converse with their fans in person other than merely doing it in the virtual world.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Shahid Sonam Kapoor Mausam Movie Stills

Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor are coming together for the first time, with the Hindi movie Mausam, which is directed by Pankaj Kapoor.

Shahid Kapoor who plays the Air Force official and his training to flight has been highly talked about. The movie is also is said to be the remake of Hollywood movie Top Gun, which has Tom Cruise, but Shahid and the team of Mausam has denied such reports.

This movie sees the directorial debut of Pankaj Kapoor (Shahid's father). The movie also saw a huge trouble between Pankaj Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor during the shoot, while later it is said to have sorted out.

Directed by Pankaj Kapur
Produced by - Sheetal Vinod Talwar & Sunil Lulla
Music by - Pritam
Distributed by - Religare Vistaar Entertainment, Eros International Media Ltd.
Release date - September 16, 2011

Cast - Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Supriya Pathak, Ankit Mohan IAF, John Howarth, The Victorian flower boy
Shahid Sonam Kapoor Mausam Movie Stills

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Shahid is Asia's Sexiest Vegetarian Man

Shahid is Asia's Sexiest Vegetarian Man

Actor Shahid Kapoor, who was recently seen in PETA India ad campaign 'Chicks Love a Vegetarian', has 
been voted Asia's Sexiest Vegetarian Man for 2011. He won the title in a poll conducted by PETA Asia Pacific website.
Shahid, who also won India's Sexiest Vegetarian contest in 2009, said that he feels nice on winning the title. “I have always supported the cause of being a vegetarian, and it's nice to be felicitated for something so close to my heart. Being voted as sexy is a matter of perception, but being vegetarian is a lifestyle change and something that comes from a sense of responsibility. I want to thank my fans for their vote and I am enjoying the sexy tag,” Times of India quoted him as saying.

Meanwhile, singer Faye Wong has won the title of Asia's Sexiest Vegetarian Woman. She beat big names like Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor, actress Maggie Q, actors Gao Yuanyuan and Barbie Hsu, singer Nominjin, Taiwanese actor Blue Lan, Jane Zhang and songwriter Louis Cheung.