Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Shahid Kapoor!

Happy Birthday, Shahid Kapoor!

As the actor gears up for his birthday celebrations this year at Morjim beach, Goa, we wonder what made him strike off "good friend" aka ex-girlfriend Priyanka Chopra from his guest list

As the Kapoor kid gets a year older, he's all set to be at his hospitable best at his birthday party, which is why he flew out to the venue a couple of days early to make sure that everything's organised perfectly. But when we came across a picture of Shahid Kapoor having a gala time in Goa with a couple of Kingfisher models, we had to wonder what the status of the party is at the moment.Looks like the weather of Goa and the special attention from the bikini-clad beauties has made Sasha a lazy boy. Of course, we cannot help speculating if this is not a new style of shoot that photo-whiz Atul Kasbekar is cooking up for the annual calendar for the beleaguered airline! The people invited for the party as of now are Tabu, Ahmed Khan, Genelia D'Souza, Rani Mukerji, Siddharth Anand and Kunal Kohli, to name a few. Now even though Shahid and Priyanka Chopra have recently shot for a movie together and were on absolutely cordial terms till now, we wonder what the sudden bone of contention is.

Whatever it is, we must say we are happy to see Shahid relaxing on the idyllic beaches – and porches – of Goa with gorgeous babes to keep him company. Vicarious thrills, you see!

Shahid Kapoor is livin’ it up in Goa!

Shahid Kapoor is livin' it up in Goa!

Actor Shahid Kapoor, who recently gifted himself his dream car — a Jaguar — a little ahead of his birthday, has only one birthday resolution to make today — 'to party hard and then party harder all this week before I get back to work!' "It will be a weeklong party for me," is what Shahid is said to have told his friends and that's exactly what he's been doing. The actor, who turns 31 today, is already in Goa since Wednesday and had plans to ring in his birthday last night with non-stop partying with friends. And this list of friends, include actors Nargis Fakhri and Tabu, both of whom flew in to Goa to join him in his birthday revelry.

While Tabu is a good friend of the actor for quite some time now, his friendship with Nargis has already set tongues wagging in B-Town linking up the two. But a source close to the actor says that it's assuming too much at the moment. "Shahid met Nargis at a recent awards show, where they performed together. They both hit it off instantly and have been friends since." As for them dating, an insider reveals, that they both are single at the moment and closer in age, so they are just bonding. "It's too early to say that they are dating each other. Right now they are just getting to know each other better, but who knows what happens in the future," adds the insider. The actor has gifted himself this mini-break of sorts, before he gets back into the Bolly grind. "Shahid will be there till the 27th. He's in a very happy space, both personally and professionally, and is making the most of the time in hand before he starts shooting," added the source. While there were speculations of whether good friend Priyanka Chopra too will join in the fun in Goa, there's been no confirmation yet and sources say that she might not have been invited at all.