Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shahid Kapoor chooses IPL over dad's film, dances at IPL despite sprained neck

Shahid chooses IPL over dad's film, dances at IPL despite sprained neck

By Subhash K. Jha, April 28, 2010 - 11:21 IST

Shahid KapoorShahid Kapoor is in acute pain. Some days back he sprained his neck severely. Rather than rest it out, as suggested by the doctors, Shahid performed impromptu at the IPL finals in Mumbai on Sunday.

And the fact that he danced his way through the acute pain made his condition worse. Interestingly, he was a last-minute addition among the other performers namely A R Rahman and Bipasha Basu. Shahid wasn't really supposed to be performing at the IPL finals. 

Says the actor, "My Dad and I were supposed to head to Europe for a short shooting stint of his film (
Mausam). Then that volcano eruption happened in Iceland. So all flights got cancelled. In any case we were only supposed to shoot for a few days and I was supposed to come back to Mumbai. So we decided to cancel the stint in Europe." 

It was then that Shahid decided he would dance at the IPL after all. "I contacted the organizers the Moranis. And they let me perform. I had never performed in a stadium before. I loved the experience. I interacted with the live cricket crowd, went into the crowds sang with them. Great fun." 

Usually Shahid prepares for at least a week for any of his live performances. "But for the IPL finals I was ready in a day. It was a great platform. Dancing to a live cricket crowd and that too a crowd cheering for the Mumbai team, was an experience I wouldn't have liked to miss. So yes, I guess the cancellation of our shooting in Europe isn't something I regret." 

Shahid also doesn't regret dancing when he already had a sprained neck. It aggravated his condition manifold. 

Trying to play down the pain Shahid says, "I guess there's a downside to being spontaneous .I was in a bad condition." 

Shahid was on painkiller injections. "But I don't mind my condition being worsened. I am just glad I performed in front of that live excited audience. People accuse me of not being spontaneous enough. So here I was actually doing something without much though or rehearsals. And I loved it!"

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