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Shahid Kapoor denied permission to stay at Gwalior airbase

Shahid Kapoor denied permission to stay at Gwalior airbase
By Subhash K. Jha, February 17, 2011

The over-hyped news reports about the F-16 that Shahid flew as part of his role as an air force pilot was just much ado about nothing meant to camouflage the real story about Shahid's air force training for his role in Pankaj Kapoor's Mausam.

The shooting started from Wednesday at the Gwalior airbase. Every attempt was made to keep the venue and the dynamics of Shahid's air force activities a secret.

Says a source, "Permission to shoot at the Gwalior airbase has been secured after clearance from the highest levels in the Capital on condition that there would be no disturbance or disruption in the airbase routine of any sort whatsoever."

To ensure that the Mausam crew's presence in Gwalior was not revealed to the people of Gwalior, the entire crew has been instructed to stay at the airbase.

This is where the problem crept in. Plans to house Shahid within the airbase had to be aborted after being defined as a "security hazard".

Says a source, "On a trial visit to the Gwalior base, it was discovered that the cadets at the airbase could not focus on their duties with Shahid in their midst. He has therefore been instructed to seek accommodation in a hotel while the rest of the crew will stay at the airbase."

Producer Sheetal Talwar refuses to divulge any details on the whereabouts of the airbase shooting. "All I can tell you is, we are now shooting all the scenes of Shahid's as an air force pilot in the next one week."

These sequences form a vital part of the narrative. Director Pankaj Kapoor has worked out all the details of the airbase shooting to avoid even the smallest delay or glitch. But concealing Shahid's presence in Gwalior is expected to be a problem.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor flies in F 16 at air show in Bangalore

Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor flies in F-16 at air show 

Bangalore, Feb 12 (IANS) Bollywood hero Shahid Kapoor Saturday flew in an American F-16 fighter at the AeroIndia 2011 military-cum-civil aviation trade expo on the outskirts of this aerospace hub.
"It was a thrilling experience, which will help me in the role as a fighter pilot in my forthcoming film 'Mausam'," a beaming Kapoor told reporters after a 40-minute sortie at the Indian Air Force (IAF) air base near Yelahanka, about 20 km from the city.

The F-16IN Super Viper was flown by Lockheed Martin's test pilot Paul 'Bear' Randall on mission mode and was escorted by another F-16 flown by test pilot Jim Hedges and a US Air Force pilot.

"Though Kapoor didn't take controls of the aircraft mid-air, the flight was operated on mission mode for about 40 minutes with AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) radar," a company spokesperson told IANS.

Prior to the flight on the fourth day of the five-day biennial mega air show, Kapoor underwent mandatory health check-ups and was found fit to fly in the combat aircraft.

"It's a huge honour and privilege to fly such a magnificent aircraft. I wanted to have real-time experience of flying a fighter before action in the movie," the 30-year-old actor said.

A couple of hours before the take-off, Kapoor was familiarised with the operations of the aircraft and made to 'fly' it in a simulator by Lockheed Martin's test pilots and engineers.

"I have been preparing for this event with rigorous training over the last one month. The tests included flying at a very high velocity and making sure I would not suffer from motion sickness," Kapoor recalled.

Kapoor is the latest to join the likes of Tata group chairman Ratan Tata, IAF Wing Commander (Retd) Rakesh Sharma and Lok Sabha member from Haryana Navin Jindal to have flown in the tandem-seater fly-by-wire supersonic F-16

"It's a great experience and I learnt how to fly a fighter. Paul (the pilot) gave me lot of tips about flying such an awesome military aircraft and I am thankful to Lockheed Martin," he said.

The US-based Lockheed's F-16 is in contention for the estimated $10-billion Indian tender to supply 126 medium multi-role combat aircraft (MMRCA) to the IAF along with five global aerospace majors -- F/A-18 Super Hornet of Boeing, Gripen of Saab, Rafale of French Dassault, Typhoon of Eurofighter and MiG-35 of Russian MiG Corporation.

"Mausam" is being directed by Shahid's father Pankaj Kapoor, in which the younger would play the role of a fighter pilot opposite Sonam Kapoor. The film is due for release in July.

Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni too visited the air show at the closing hours and went around the base where various aircraft and helicopters were on display.

Shahid Kapoor flies F 16 aircraft India show in Bangalore photos and Video

 Indian actor Shahid Kapoor flew an American F-16 fighter aircraft on Saturday at the Aero-India show in Bangalore.

Shahid Kapoor flies F 16 aircraft India show in Bangalore

Shahid Kapoor at Aero-India show

The actor, who plays an Indian Air Force (IAF) officer in dad Pankaj Kapur’s directorial debut Mausam had a thrilling experience of flying the F-16 IN Super Viper by Lockheed Martin, piloted by the American test pilot Paul ‘Bear’ Randall.

It was a 40-minute flight which had its share of turns, loops and tailspins.

“I wanted to get a first-hand experience of flying on a fighter aircraft. Thanks to Lockheed Martin, I have had the privilege of becoming the first actor to fly the F-16. Such an opportunity doesn’t come by as a civilian,” Shahid told the reporters after the flight. 

Mausam Movie First Look Cast and Crew

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Shahid Kapoor to fly in F 16 fighter jet at AeroIndia

Shahid to fly in F-16 fighter jet at AeroIndia  

Mumbai, Feb 5 (IANS) Indian film actor Shahid Kapoor, who is essaying an air force officer's role in the yet-to-be-released movie "Mausam", will fly on a US F-16 fighter jet at the AeroIndia show starting in Bangalore next week.

Kapoor will take a joy ride on the fighter jet of US aerospace major Lockheed Martin, with a pilot giving him company in the cockpit Feb 12 at the show, a company official said here Saturday. 

"It is a huge honour and privilege and at the same time probably the coolest thing I've done yet in life... I am super excited about it," Shahid said in a statement.

"Shahid Kapoor, who is playing the role of an Indian Air Force (IAF) officer in 'Mausam', will be flying the F-16 at AeroIndia Feb 12," a spokesperson for Lockheed Martin said. 

"Mausam" is an upcoming Hindi film directed and written by Pankaj Kapur, Shahid's father and actor, under the Vistaar Religare Film Fund banner. The film would also feature actress Sonam Kapoor. 

As part of his role in "Mausam", Shahid has got acquainted with the various aspects of fighter planes and the IAF life by meeting air force personnel over the last year.

Tata group chief Ratan Tata has been the only other Indian personality to have flown the F-16 earlier. He flew the plane for 20 minutes in a twin-seater F-16 at the 2007 air show. 

This year's air show will begin Feb 9 and go on till Feb 13. While the first three days of the five-day event at the Yelahanka air force base near Bangalore will be for business visitors, the last two days will be for the general public. 

During the air show, there will be flying display of several fighter aircraft, including major contenders for IAF's 126 medium multi-role combat aircraft tender. 

Among them are F-16s, American firm Boeing's F/A-18s, European consortium EADS' Eurofighter Typhoon and Swedish firm SAAB's Gripen aircraft. Only Russian MiG-RAC's MiG-35 will be missing among the flying displays in this edition of the biennial event.


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Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra at Karan Johar Party

Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra at Karan Johar Party

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Shahid Priyanka kissed in front of Mama

Shahid Priyanka kissed in front of Mama! 

Mumbai. Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, Shahid Kapoor Ishq Charche between the public know-ledge. Income Tax Department officials recently Priyanka's house during the raid in the sleepy met Shahid Kapoor Ashorertss But Priyanka has now crossed all limits.

Deepika Padukone on the road in front of his mother by walking Pigee Shahid Bvoyfrand how to put them. Earlier, Deepika's my dad in front of the news headlines were junior to what Mallya.

Sources have IT on January 24 during raids Shahid and Priyanka have enough support in difficult times are always with them. Shahid, Priyanka's emotional love was so emotional that he last Sunday in front of his mother hugging which has the same sh ç Ahr. Moreover Priyanka Shahid Thanks for the support they have given.

प्रियंका ने मम्मा के सामने शाहिद को चूमा !

मुंबई। बॉलीवुड अभिनेत्री प्रियंका चोपड़ा और शाहिद कपूर के बीच इश्क के चर्चे जगजाहिर है। हाल ही में प्रियंका के घर आयकर विभाग के अधिकारियों को छापे के दौरान शाहिद कपूर शॉर्र्टस में उनींदे से मिले थे लेकिन प्रियंका ने अब तो सारी हदें पार कर दी हैं।

दीपिका पादुकोण की राह पर चलते हुए पिगी ने भी अपनी मां के सामने ही उनके ब्वॉयफ्रैंड शाहिद को किस कर डाला। इससे पहले दीपिका की अपने डैड के सामने ही जूनियर माल्या को किस करने की खबरें सुर्खियों में थीं।

सूत्रों के मुताबिक 24 जनवरी को पड़े आईटी छापों के दौरान शाहिद ने प्रियंका को काफी सपोर्ट दिया और मुश्किल वक्त में भी हमेशा उनके साथ रहे। शाहिद का यह इमोशनल प्यार ही प्रियंका को इतना भावुक कर गया कि उन्होंने पिछले रविवार अपनी मां के सामने ही शçाहद को गले लगाकर किस कर लिया। यही नहीं प्रियंका ने शाहिद को उनके द्वारा दिए गए सपोर्ट के लिए धन्यवाद भी किया।

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Shahid Kapoor welcomes 2 IT Officers at PC's Place?

Shahid Kapoor welcomes 2 IT Officers at PC's Place?

Just about everyone must know about the recent IT raid that took place at actress Priyanka Chopra's home. 

Just about everyone must know about the recent IT raid that took place at actress Priyanka Chopra's home. But what most people might not know is that instead of the actress receiving the IT officials at her raided residence, it was actor and alleged beau Shahid Kapoor doing the ushering honors! The officials taken by surprise for a moment almost thought that they had stumbled upon the wrong house (given their respective homes being but 3 minutes apart, quoting PC); turned out, they were at the right place after all.
 It's claimed that although Shahid was at Priyanka's house, he wasn't the one who opened the door and greeted the IT officials. Some, in opposing all such buzz, have questioned how one can imagine a super star like Shahid, even if his presence were to be assumed at PC's residence, is expected to attend to door bells with the fleet of servants around... unlikely! 
 Nonetheless, his very presence intrigues the media. Speculations are rife that the two actors, who are 'good friends' are merely trying to spend as much time as they can together before Priyanka begins promotions for 7 Khoon Maaf. Since PC was gone for Shabana Azmi's fashion show, she and Shahid spent time later that night catching up after she got back. Hence his discovery in her house by the raiding officials. 

 While that is one scenario, there's also the case where such ideas are being dismissed. Piggy Chops herself has gone on record to claim that with her mother, who is the only one who lives with her in her house, being away that day, and Shahid being the easiest available (one recalls how in vicinity his house is) she called upon him for help in her hour of need, for "he was the only one she could think of then" her own words. She does not refute claims to his presence in her house, only reaffirms them on the grounds of his having been around to help her in the given circumstances. 
 The IT officials meanwhile may have shocked, but that didn't stop them from carrying out their investigation. Since it was supposed to be a prompt inspection, the security personnel at the building weren't warned ahead of time or given a chance to inform Priyanka that the officials were on their way up. (Which makes one inadvertently wonder how she had the time to inform Shahid and seek his aid?!)
End of the day, putting aside the mess with the raid, one has to sit back and wonder when these two will finally own up to being more than friends, as seems to be increasingly the case! 

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Shahid Kapoor the only person Priyanka Chopra thought of during raid

Shahid, the only person Priyanka Chopra thought of during raid

Mumbai, Feb 1 (IANS) The sudden income tax raid at her residence in Mumbai's Versova area and the presence of actor Shahid Kapoor there was a double whammy for actress Priyanka Chopra.

The actress, however, declined any tax evasion, and said because Shahid stays at a stone's throw from her house, he was the only person she could think of in such an unfortunate situation.

"The only person who stays with me is my mom, who was not present at home and Shahid stays three minutes away from my place. So he was the only person I could call up then. So he was there," Priyanka told reporters at a press conference here Monday night.

When asked about the reported discovery of Rs.6 crore from her residence, she said: "My CA (chartered accountant) has given an official statement regarding that and personally my spokesperson has given you an official statement. It's shocking the way unsubstantiated news is making rounds as authentic news."

"You believe in rumours when they run it as front-page news, without checking its authenticity. Neither you ask the accused person whether the allegations are true or not, nor do you substantiate it with any paper work."

"I had never experienced anything like this before. Whatever happened has deeply hurt me and deeply affected me. I have already said whatever I had to say and we have continuously cooperated with the investigating authorities."

"As far as the discovery of Rs.6 crore from my house, neither I had so much of money under my mattress nor I have seen so much of money together in my life," she said.

The media then wanted to know even as she is one of the highest taxpaying actors in Bollywood, why did she come under the income tax scanner.

"As people say that it happens with big stars. I still feel proud that I am counted among the few highest tax paying bollywood stars and hope to be so as long God continues to give me the opportunity," Priyanka said.