Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sonam Kapoor talks about her equation with Shahid Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor talks about her equation with Shahid Kapoor

The kind of free-bird public image Sonam Kapoor has, one would have expected her to throw a glamorous party on her birthday. But it seems like Sonam, who turned 26 on Thursday, has become wiser. She had a quiet birthday and was shooting for her upcoming movie Mausam.

Now the rumormongers have something to talk about! They can claim that Sonam spent her birthday with Shahid Kapoor (since he is the lead actor ofMausam). But before anyone could suspect anything, Sonam said that she finds a great friend in Shahid and is happy that she has not been linked with him. She added that the girl who would land up with him in the end would be really lucky. Are you reading Priyanka Chopra?

Anyway, Sonam’s daddy Anil Kapoor has already bagged some great roles in Hollywood. So will she follow his footsteps? Maybe, exclaims Sonam. She believes what matters is the kind of role being offered, not the language. However, if a great director offers her a good project, she would definitely consider it.

Effectively, Sonam is considered to be the style diva of Bollywood. So, who does she think is the most stylish actress in the industry? Unlike her other contemporaries, who would name a yesteryear actress to avoid the question, she said she finds Kangana Ranaut incredibly stylish.

Well, Sonam, you and your straight-forward talks always please your fans. Keep them coming!