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Want to join the Badmaash Company ?
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Are the four characters of 'Badmaash Company' picked from real life?

Not many are aware that Parmeet Sethi, the actor turned director of BADMAASH COMPANY, wrote its entire script with dialogues in six days flat. Yes, you read it right: Six days only. And the four characters in the film - Karan, Bulbul, Chandu and Zing - are known to Parmeet; they're based on real-life characters. 

Anushka Sharma, who has a lot of hopes pinning on BADMAASH COMPANY, feels that the film would connect big time with the youth of today, who resort to an easy route to attain name, fame and riches overnight. "That's what attracted me to the film. Honestly, I wasn't even aware that Parmeet had written the script and was supposed to direct it, since Adi [Aditya Chopra] just asked me to go through it. It was much later, when I read the script and expressed my eagerness to be a part of the film, that Adi revealed the director's identity," Anushka tells me. 

Parmeet reveals that he got tired of television and was keen on pursuing film direction. "There's a little of me in each of those four characters," Parmeet says, who approached Yash Raj with his script the moment he was ready. The fact that Adi liked it and signed a 3-film deal with Parmeet, says it all. 

Parmeet feels that BADMAASH COMPANY offers loads of entertainment, but narrated in a new format. "Even the choice of actors proves that I didn't want to take the predictable path," he says. What about Shahid? He's known to act 'difficult' with his directors. "That's not true at all. Not once did he interfere or throw starry tantrums. In fact, he pushed his father's film MAUSAM ahead to accommodate BADMAASH COMPANY. That says it all," Parmeet refutes the rumour.

Paathshala Phoonk 2 fail to cast spell at box office

Paathshaala', 'Phoonk 2' fail to cast spell at box office

New Delhi, April 19 (IANS) Shahid Kapoor-starrer "Paathshala" and Ram Gopal Varma's "Phoonk 2" have failed to set the ticket windows buzzing. While the former got an average initial footfall thanks to Shahid's presence, the horror seems to have fallen flat.

The lukewarm response from audiences comes despite round-the-clock promotional activities for both the movies. While Shahid visited various schools to promote "Paathshaala", Varma organised a digitally monitored scare dare contest for anyone who would watch "Phoonk 2" alone in the movie hall - but in vain. 

"The content for both the movies has been average. While 'Paathshaala' was good with around 50 percent occupancy over the weekend, 'Phoonk 2' wasn't that good enough with just 20 percent footfalls," Amit Awasthi, manager (programming and operations) of Spice Cinemas, told IANS. 

"It was only Shahid Kapoor's presence that brought in the initial footfalls for 'Paathshaala," he added.

Amit Shah, chief manager (programming) of DLF DT cinemas, also had something similar to say.

" 'Paathshaala' was an ok affair and brought in on an average 35 percent footfalls while 'Phoonk 2' has been disappointing with only 15 percent occupancy. The movie did not meet our expectations despite its hype," said Shah. 

The debut production of choreographer Ahmad Khan, "Paathshaala" is the directorial debut of Milind Ukey. Revolving around the commercialisation and unethical practices related to the education system in the country, it also stars Nana Patekar, Suniel Shetty and Ayesha Takia. 

Popular child actors Swini Khare, Ali Haji, Dwij Yadav and Avika Gor play pivotal roles in the movie. 

"Phoonk 2", on the other hand, is a sequel to Varma's earlier film "Phoonk - The Black Magic Story". It has been written and directed by debutant Milind Gadagkar.

Actors Sudeep, Amruta Khanvilkar and child actor Ahsaas Channa play key roles in the movie that captures the fears of a family hostage to a spirit seeking revenge. 

"Both movies have nothing much in terms of business. There's no content in them," said Tusshar Dhingra, COO of Big Cinemas.

Added a source from PVR cinemas: "Both movies have been average but 'Paathshaala' is better in comparison to 'Phoonk 2'. While the former got close to 30 percent footfalls, the latter got close to only 20 percent occupancy. The business for both, however, is almost over."

Said Yogesh Raizada, corporate head (cinemas) of Wave Cinemas: "The weekend was average, as the movies have been average. While 'Paathshaala' brought in around 40 percent occupancy, 'Phoonk 2' has been close to only 30 percent."