Saturday, May 21, 2011

Angela dumps Ranbir for Shahid Kapoor

Angela dumps Ranbir for Shahid Kapoor

Swimsuit model Angela Jonsson is discarding men in her life faster than you would discard a swimsuit. Just days after she was linked to Bollywood's Casanova Ranbir Kapoor, it is rumoured that she has left him for another Kapoor boy-Shahid Kapoor.

After the model was seen cozying up with Ranbir at his residence and various nightclubs, buzz is that she has moved on to Shahid Kapoor and all for the sake of publicity.  

Buzz is that her 'Kapoor boys escapades' are an attempt to break in to the industry and dining with A-listers is surely the easiest way to get spotted.

A source told Mumbai Mirror, "Ranbir hardly knew Angela. However, being a ladies' man, he reciprocated to her overtures with much gusto. But he never thought he'd get linked up with her. Apparently, photographers were told to click Ranbir with Ms Jonsson in public. Somehow, these pictures always made their way to the media."

However, when Ranbir realised what the young starlet was up to he immediately stopped taking her calls or entertaining her at all.
Undeterred by Ranbir's dismissal, Jonsson has reportedly moved onto Shahid Kapoor. "So what's wrong in her being seen with happening young guys? Every heroine aspires to do the same. Angela just succeeded in her strategy. Why grudge her that?" A young actress told the tabloid.
Seems like Ranbir has met his match!

Shahid Kapoor Resumes Mausam Wrap Up Shoot

Shahid Kapoor Resumes Mausam Wrap Up Shoot

Posted on Friday, May 20, 2011 (EST)
Shahid Kapoor resumed filming for Mausam after five day break to nurse a hand injury sustained on set on May 15 and first reported by

May 20, 2011, (Sawf News) - Shahid Kapoor resumed filming for Mausam after five day break to nurse a hand injury sustained on set on May 15 and first reported by
"Back on set MAUSAM .. Last 5 days 25th I wrap the film ....." Shahid tweeted May 20, afternoon.

As first reported Shahid injured his hand in an accident when a giant wheel fell on his hand during the shoot at Jogeshwari in Mumbai on May 15. He was immediately taken to ER and treated. He was advised to rest for a few days and allowed to go home.
If not for that accident, Shahid would have been done with the shoot today.
On May 14 he tweeted:

"On set mausam .... Last 5 days along with his photo on the set which seemed like a night shoot.

Sonam Kapoor, the female lead in the film, is not part of this patch work schedule.
A year in making, Pankaj Kapoor's romance drama is due for release on July 22. The film will clash on Box Office with Ajay Devgan's Singham, a cop thriller, due for release on same day.
Shahid dedicated the entire 2010 and half of 2011 to Mausam. Late last year he started looking for his next projects and has signed up two films - Sajid Nadiadwala production Heer Aur Ranjha to be directed by Sabir Khan and Kunal Kohli's untitled film with co-star Priyanka Chopra.