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Ik Tu Hi Tu Hi video song in Mausam' Ft. Shahid Kapoor

Ishq Ki Gali Actual Video in HD (Shahid & Kareena Kapoor) - Milenge Milenge

Sonam-Shahid admit penning down love letters

Sonam  Kapoor Shahid Kapoor admit penning down love letters

In the forthcoming film Mausam, their characters, Aayat and Harinder 'Harry' Singh, express their feelings through eloquent letters. Actors Sonam Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor admit that they have penned a few love letters of their own too and received quite a few as well but these will not go into. any brochure to promote the film as has been reported.  

“I got my first love letter at the age of 14. 
It was from a classmate and badly written. But what more can you expect from a schoolboy of that age?” 

Sonam reminisces with a smile.  Shahid has no memories of his first love letter but recalls that when he was in college, he got a lot of them. He says, “I don’t know if they were on scented paper but I do remember that they left me feeling nice. I myself went scouting for beautiful stationary and romantic poetry, it’s the thing to do when you’re in love. Some of these letters are much cherished, that’s understandable given that they came from someone I was drawn to, and have been treasured for my eyes only.”   

With an embarrassed laugh, he admits that he wrote a few when the girl, who was always in his thoughts, was away from him. “But they were more like little notes, short and sweet SMSes and mails. There’s a great sense of self-satisfaction in bonding with someone you love. That makes you want to write or type,” he points out.

  Sonam agrees and says that she penned her thoughts down on paper for the first time when she was around 19-20. “I write a lot,” she says. “I’m always mailing handwritten cards and thank you notes. They are far more personal than emails and SMSes. Even as a child I loved craft and books.”  

However, unlike Aayat in the film, who finds it difficult to be with Harry and has to fall back on letters, Sonam believes that when she finds her soul mate, communication will be far easier given the facilities we have today, namely easy-to-carry laptops, Blackberry messengers and iPhones.  

She says, “It’s hard to imagine life without cell phones even though they’ve been around for just a decade. Sometimes I look at my parents (Anil and Sunita Kapoor), who even after all these years, are still so much in love, and wonder how they’ve kept their love story so dewy fresh through the different seasons. The letters may have helped.”

Ik Tu Hi Tu Hi Mausam

‘Ik Tu Hi Tu Hi’ – Mausam

Mausam, directed by Pankaj Kapoor, follows a love story through its many seasons. The film stars the exciting new jodi of Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor and is set for release on September 16th.

Sung by the legendary Hans Raj Hans the song ‘Ik Tu Hi Tu Hi’ is a gorgeous love song. In our four star review of the OST, our reviewer praised ‘Ik Tu Hi Tu Hi’ as one of the best on the album saying, “The song tells of separation and despair. ‘Ik Tu Hi Tu Hi’ is a cut above the rest, the lyrics are so evocative and it makes this track a favourite.”
Up until now we have only been able to imagine what beautiful shots would accompany this beautiful track but now we don’t have to wait any more!

I believe in fairytale romances: Sonam Kapoor

I believe in fairytale romances: Sonam Kapoor

When it comes to fashion, actress Sonam Kapoor may have her finger on the pulse of the latest trends and styles internationally, but when it comes to matters of the heart, the young star reveals that she is actually quite the opposite. “I am extremely old-fashioned when it comes to love,” reveals Sonam, adding, 

“I relate to the old world charm of wooing your lady love with flowers, poetry and the works.” She also admits to being an absolute romantic at heart. “I completely believe in fairytale romances and in Prince Charming too,” she smiles.  Incidentally, the actor’s forthcoming film with Shahid Kapoor too is an out and out romantic fare. 

But while Sonam agrees that it’s a genre she’s a fan of, she says as an actor she would not want to limit herself to any one genre alone. “I think one of the worst things that could happen to an actor is get slotted in a certain image. I would never want to settle in a comfort zone, no matter how tempting it may be. 

As an actor, I want to try as many genres as possible, be it action or comedy or drama,” she says.  The films in her kitty are a reflection of this too. 

From a romantic drama to the hardcore action film Players, Sonam says the only criteria for selecting a film is the story and also to a great extent the filmmakers helming the project. 

“Even the best of stories can fall flat if not in safe hands,” she explains. But this was the least of her worries when she agreed to do Pankaj Kapur’s directorial debut. 

“He’s such a powerhouse performer and there’s the same conviction and clarity of thought in him as a filmmaker too. There’s no way I would’ve ever refused him. I had full faith in him. When it comes to filmmakers, Pankaj ji will always be right on top of the list for me,” adds Sonam.  

But wasn’t she worried about Shahid getting a preferential treatment on the sets considering it’s his dad’s film? “They are father and son, so there’s bound to be that connection on sets too, that’s but natural. 

But they both are also thorough professionals and at no time did they let their personal life weigh over their relation as a director and an actor. Besides, they always treated me like family too,” smiles Sonam.

Shahid to make a film on Sonam’s tantrums

Shahid to make a film on Sonam’s tantrums

Bollywood chocolate boy actor Shahid Kapoor, who has been linked with one and all in Bollywood, has famously got along with his ‘Mausam’ co-star Sonam Kapoor, Zee News reports. 

Apparently, Sonam revealed on a TV show that she and Shahid share a love-hate relationship, to which Shahid playfully said, “Which was made possible. Somehow we managed it.” As B-Town is abuzz with their newfound friendship, 

Sonam went ahead recommending her designer Kunal Rawal to Shahid for a dazzling image makeover. Talking to a daily about Sonam, Shahid revealed, “Sonam is very sweet and talkative. Obviously we got friendly. Two people spending one-and-a-half year is so difficult to not get friendly, na. She has done the most important film for me.” daily times monitor

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Shahid and Sonam Kapoor on Kaun Banega Crorepati 5

The popularity of feature films notwithstanding, television remains the biggest medium of entertainment and advertisement in India. This is a fact well understood by Bollywood producers and nowadays one often sees film stars appearing on popular television shows. Whether it is Salman Khan performing a Garba with Daya Bhabhi on ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma’ or John Abraham wooing the bindas Haryanvi cop Chandramukhi Chautala on ‘FIR’, it is becoming increasingly essential for films to be publicised on the small screen.

In keeping with this trend, actors Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor; the hot new couple of ‘Mausam’, will soon feature in a special episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 5. The popular quiz show has consciously broadened its platform this time to reach out to the audiences in remotest parts of India. Obviously, featuring on the show will accrue some positive publicity for Shahid – Sonam and their film. So excited was Sonam about being a part of the legendary show that she even posted on twitter, "Doing #kbc with @shahidkapoor today! What an auspicious day to start promotions together..,"

‘Mausam’ marks the start of Pankaj Kapur’s foray in the field of direction and is reported to have a time transcending storyline. The songs of the film have already become pretty popular and the chemistry between Sonam and Shahid is looking better and better with each promo.

We'll make a film on Sonam Kapoor's tantrums: Shahid Kapoor

We'll make a film on Sonam Kapoor's tantrums: Shahid Kapoor

While Shahid Kapoor has been linked to almost all his co-stars, all was quiet when he was shooting for his dad's Mausam. There were absolutely no stories of affairs or link ups with his co-star Sonam, who recently claimed on a televison show that she and Shahid share a love-hate relationship. And heaving a sigh of relief, Shahid, says, that they achieved something next to impossible, 

"Which was made possible. Somehow we managed it," he laughs.  But the two bonded famously. Shahid appreciated the fashionista's dress sense and apparently Sonam has lent her fashion designer Kunal Rawal to Shahid to design clothes for him, too. 

"Sonam is very sweet and talkative. Obviously we got friendly. Two people spending one-and-a-half year is so difficult to not get friendly, na. 

She has done the most important film for me," 
says Shahid.  And Shahid denied rumours of Sonam reporting late on the sets, or throwing tantrums, or his director dad approaching 

Sonam's dad, actor Anil Kapoor to interfere to settle matters. Shahid says, sounding cheeky, "We will make another film on Sonam's tantrums, it will make for an entertaining script. Unfortunately it is all fiction and not real. There were no issues at all," he clarifies.

Sonam Kapoor Goes Mirchi on Radio!

Sonam Kapoor Goes Mirchi on Radio!

Shahid Kapoor & Sonam Kapoor On Set Of KBC 5

Shahid Kapoor & Sonam Kapoor On Set Of KBC 5

'Shahid Kapoor is such a good boy' - Sonam Kapoor

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Teri Meri Kahani Movie

Teri Meri Kahani Movie

Under Production 


Release Date



Kunal Kohli

Star Cast
Shahid Kapoor...... Javed
Priyanka Chopra

Prasoon Joshi

Music Director
Pritam Chakraborty
(2011) - Under Production

I've found a 3am friend in Shahid: Sonam Kapoor

I've found a 3am friend in Shahid: Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor tells it as it is. She's known to be honest and sometimes labelled brash for her honesty. The young actor is still careful about what she says to avoid that ever-present co-star linkup. But of late the actor is heard going ga-ga over Mausam co-star shahid kapoor despite having gone on record saying, "I think the chemistry's better on screen if the pair is not involved off it."
"I didn't know Shahid at all before we started shooting. So, maybe we came in with pre-conceived ideas about each other. But once we understood each other better, we realised that we are far different from what each had imagined. I'm glad that it was all sorted out, as I have found a 3 am friend in him!" she told Daily Bhaskar.

What gets tongues wagging is that this confession gushing comes after reports have done the rounds of the two not being able get along at all.

"I think most people here have an underlying agenda. They double-talk and simply don't have the guts to stick by what they say. But it has stopped bothering me now. I'm not here to make friends. That's why Shahid is special, because he's such a rarity," she added.

While the leading lady of Pankaj Kapur's directorial venture Mausam was all praises about her co-star of the film. She couldn't say the same about another Kapoor - Ranbir Kapoor.

"Too much has happened now to call him my friend. I don't think of him as my friend any more," admits Sonam, "I won't regret turning down any offers with him. I don't care if people consider me a snob or arrogant; that's a tag people earn here for being honest, so I'm okay with it."

Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor to promote Mausam in KBC 5

Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor to promote Mausam in KBC 5

Sonam Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor are going to be the second celebrity contestants of Kaun Banega Crorepati 5. In the first week, Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone appeared in the show to promote their then soon-to-be released movie Aarakshan. 

This week Soman and Shahid will be promoting their film Mausam which will release on September 16. Both Shahid and Sonam have never been on KBC in the past four seasons. 

An excited Sonam twitted, "Doing #kbc with @shahidkapoor today! What an auspicious day to start promotions together." Meanwhile, Sonam, who has always stayed away from doing intimate scenes on screen, has reportedly done a passionate smooching scene with Shahid in this film. Initially, the actress was not in favour of doing it but later agreed to do it once director Pankaj Kapoor convinced her.

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ISHQ KI GALI Milenge Milenge Movie

Mere dil ko tum se kitni mohabbat pucho na sanam deewangi mein kaisi hai halat pucho na sanam Ishq ki gali mere tahanai mein mere parchai mein tera ehsaas darkan ki geharai mein zindagi aik aduri kahani lage bin tere jeena aik baimani lage mujh ko chain kahi na aaye milne ki chahat tarpae dil pe doop chaon ke jaise mere saath hai tere saahe Ishq ki gali hai makhmali jaane kab kis qadar tujh pe marne laga had se ziada tujhe pyaar karne laga aashman se zameen tak teri aarzoo zare zare main dil hai bas tu hi tu chae bheed mein ho ya akhele teri yaadon ke hain mehle meri aankhon mein rehte hain tere hi sapno ki rehle.(Best Songs Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Saab Best Songs) Present by SR`Salman Dehwar

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Mausam to premiere at Toronto Film Fest

Mausam to premiere at Toronto Film Fest

Pankaj Kapur's directorial debut will be first premiered at Toronto Film Festival. 

It seems that Pankaj Kapur's directorial debut, Mausam is one of the most awaited films of this year. The buzz is that Mausam which brings to celluloid for the first time Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor will be first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival this year. 

The entire star cast and crew will be present at Toronto to celebrate the premiere which is likely to happen on September 16, the same day that the film hits the screens in India too. 

Pankaj and Shahid Kapoor are busy promoting the film all over. Gearing up for its release, the father-son duo are executing unique promotional plans. Only recently, they distributed a hand-written press kit. 

Let's wait and watch if this period love story will be able to write history too! 

UK riots disrupt Mausam's music launch

UK riots disrupt Mausam's music launch

Although Shahid Kapoor is safe in London, the riots have delayed the music launch of his next venture Mausam, also featuring Sonam Kapoor. The event was suppose to take place in Hyde Park in central London.

A source told Mid Day: "August 15 was decided as the date, since it's India's
Independence Day. The NRI population as well as Bollywood fans would have come to support the film. Shahid and Sonam were to perform live at the function."

It was Shahid's idea as he is already shooting in London with Priyanka Chopra. "Shahid is already in the UK shooting for Kunal Kohli's next film. So, it would have been easier for him to ensure that all the coordination for Mausam's music release was in place," added the source.

However, the riots played a spoilsport and delayed the launch. Now, the event will be held post Independence Day. "Shahid is returning to the country on August 16. So he'll meet the producers and figure out an alternate date and place to launch the soundtrack in India," the source told the tabloid.

The film is scheduled for a September 16 release.

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Mausam in legal tangle

Mausam in legal tangle

Pankaj Kapur's directorial debut Mausam has been one of the most anticipated films of the year.

The film starring his son Shahid Kapoor along with Sonam Kapoor is the latest film to fall prey to legal hassles. Former colleague and a friend of Pankaj, Nawman Malik is claiming that the title Mausam is registered under his name and Nawman has also filed a complaint with the Association of Motion Pictures and TV Programme Producers. Malik is also claiming that the story of Mausam is also his.

In his complaint, Malik has alleged that he had narrated his story to Pankaj Kapur a few years ago at the actor's Versova office. After listening to the story for four hours, Kapur expressed his interest in making the film. Malik further alleges that so impressed was Pankaj with the script that he wanted to cast his son Shahid in the film. But after some time when Malik inquired about the film, Pankaj said that Shahid was not in the country and they will resume talks when Shahid returns. However, the meeting with Shahid never materialized and they all forgot about it until the day Pankaj announced his project, which sounded awfully a lot like his own, claimed Malik.

Now Mallik has moved the Mumbai High Court and is asking for an injunction against producer Sheetal Talwar and director Pankaj Kapur for using the title 'Mausam'. He has demanded a compensation of Rs 1 crore for the title and has even submitted a digital film called Mausam, which he claims he made.

Nawman Malik is a small time producer-actor. He is the producer of Mimoh Chakraborty's debut film Jimmy and has acted in films like Tridev and Vishkanya. Malik had served as an assistant to Pankaj Kapur when the latter directed the television serial Neem Ka Ped in the 1980s for Doordarshan; he had even acted alongside Pankaj Kapur in that show.

news HT

Saif Ali Khan & Shahid Kapoor battle for India's Sexiest Bachelor

Saif Ali Khan & Shahid Kapoor battle for India's Sexiest Bachelor

Media News
Mumbai, August 12, 2011

India’s Sexiest Bachelor is all set to have heart beats racing this weekend with four handsome hunks vying to claim the top spot in the race to be crowned India’s Sexist Bachelor.

The first head-on collision will be between Kareena Kappor’s ex and current boyfriends - the Chote Nawab, Saif Ali Khan and the chocolate boy Shahid Kapoor on Saturday August 13, 10.00 pm

The Chote Nawab may be planning to marry Kareena in 2012 but his stock value among the women only continues to grow. The Prince Charming even today, in spite of his steady girl friend Kareena has girls drool over him. Saif is a thorough gentleman and that reflects in the way his fans mob him– they don’t seem to care that he was once married or has two kids or is even dating the beautiful Kareena. In fact from being taken for a spoilt brat in Bollywood, today he is looked upon as a dependable star.

If the Chote Nawab is your choice of India’s Sexiest Bachelor just log on to or SMS ISB <03> and send it across to 55454.

Besides having Kareena as a girl friend, there are several similarities between Shahid and Saif, including the fact that their first movies were released when they were 22 years old! At an early age, people started betting on Shahid Kapoor as a luminous Bollywood star. But it was only after Jab We Met that Shahid could establish himself as a force in Bollywood. Shahid can be a man and a boy at the same time, a quality that has earned him millions of female fans. Women love the innocent face and the big eyes, which combined with a hot bod makes Shahid Kapoor every woman’s dream.

If you too want to make sure that Shahid Kapoor is India’s Sexiest Bachelor logon to or SMS ISB <03> and send it across to 55454.

Its newbie Ranveer Vs hotie Neil Nitin on Sunday

Ranveer Singh & Neil Nitin Mukesh, who will be on India’s Sexiest Bachelor on Sunday August 14, at 10 pm, are both capable of having women crave for their attention.
With his ‘die for’ international looks and light eyes, Neil Nitin Mukesh has caught everyone’s fancy right from the day he made his debut in Johnny Gaddar. His box office film New York went on to establish his popularity & his acting skill. Coming from an elite Bollywood lineage, Neil is someone who tops as far as being sexy & suave is considered. Woman love the frank, emotional and dependable Neil.

If you have been swept off your feet by Neil’s good looks and charm then vote for him and make him India’s Sexiest Bachelor .Just log on to or pick up your cell phones… type ISB <04> and send it across to 55454.

Ranveer Singh, the newest heartthrob has a very unconventional looks and may come across as a brash young man. But his ‘I don’t care’ attitude is getting his women fans chasing him. In addition to this is his discerning smile and the boy-next-door looks makes him a strong contender for the sexiest bachelor in India.

If you like the rugged & charming hero then vote for Ranveer by logging on to or pick up your cell phones… type ISB <04> and send an sms to 55454.

Stay tuned to India’s Sexiest Bachelor every Saturday & Sunday at 10.00 pm only on BIG CBS PRIME.

For further information, please contact:

Moe's Art
Sonal Nandan
Mobile: 9987995801

Poster of Shahid Kapoor starrer Mausam similar to Titanic?

Poster of Shahid Kapoor starrer Mausam similar to Titanic?

It’s almost a year since we saw Shahid Kapoor in a film. His fans are eagerly waiting for his film Mausam which is helmed by his dad Pankaj Kapur. The USP of the film is said to be its unusual love story which travels across times. Shahid is Harry and Sonam Kapoor is his ladylove Aayat, and after seeing a few trailers and stills from the film, we can feel the romance, the passion between the two lovers. 

Recently the makers launched a poster of the film in keeping with its theme, love. In it, Shahid is seen holding Sonam’s hand and the two are lost in that moment as time stands still. The poster is magical, but it gave us a feeling of déjà vu. Where have we seen something like this? After some time, it was clear! 

Mausam poster can easily remind any one of the Titanic poster. When Titanic released in India, people were not that hooked to the internet. The posters of the films which we used to see on the theatre billboards usually left an impression. Titanic poster also had that effect. 

What is strikingly similar between the two posters is Sonam’s costume and her hairstyle. She is wearing a gown just like the heroine of Titanic, Kate Winslet, on the poster. 

Have a look at the two posters, and tell us what you feel? Do you doubt the creativity of artists involved with Mausam or is it mere a coincidence.

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Ra.One stars refusal is Shahid Kapoor's gain!

Ra.One' stars' refusal is Shahid Kapoor's gain!


Tags : Shahid Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Dubai concert, Eid festival
Posted: Thu Aug 11 2011, 10:14 hrs
Just a few days ago, there was news about a Bollywood concert that was happening in Dubai to celebrate the festival of Eid. The concert was supposed to feature performances by the team of Ra.One, namely Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal along with Priyanka Chopra and American rapper 50 Cents.

However, now, it's learned that there is change of plans in the said concert. The issue now faced by the organisers is that the show was locked even before the celebrities could confirm their acts. Since Kareena will be promoting her film Bodyguard in the last two weeks of August, she won't be able to perform. Apparently, due to Kareena's cancellation, even Shah Rukh and Arjun opted out of the concert.
The organisers however, have now roped in Shahid Kapoor for the concert. So, it'll be Shahid, Priyanka and 50 Cents performing at the event.

Riots haven't affected the duo who're in the city shooting with Kunal Kohli

Riots haven't affected the duo who're in the city shooting with Kunal Kohli

Director Kunal Kohli, who is in Britain with Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor to shoot for his next, yet-to-be-titled film, says they are all fine and unaffected by the riots.

"Been busy filming out of London, didn't hear of the riots till I got frantic messages from people asking about our well being. All good where we are," Kunal posted on his Twitter page late on August 9.

The team is currently in Nottingham, and is expected to return in a day or two.

However, they are quite disturbed by the riots, which began in the British capital's northern district of Tottenham Saturday (August 6) over the fatal shooting of a cabbie by the police.

"Let's hope the riots in london settle down by tonight. People have lost their lives, livelyhood, homes. And all for what?," added Kunal.

Shahid posted: "Sad sad sad...To c this side of the human animal !!! Worst than animals in the wild ! Prayers for all effected ! Peace out man."

London witnessed a third night of violence as the unrest spread to other cities like Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham, Bristol and Manchester. Protesters were seen destroying and looting shops, setting cars and buildings alight, and engaging in clashes with police.

Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra unaffected by London riots

Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra unaffected by London riots

Fans, don’t worry! Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra are safe and sound in spite of the ongoing riots in London. The duo is in the Brit capital for the shooting of Kunal Kohli’s film Teri Meri Kahani and remained unaffected by the riots as they were shooting outside of London.

But the team is worried about the incidents of arson and looting in the city. Shahid Kapoor is quite disturbed and tweets, “Sad sad sad...To c this side of the human animal!!! Worst than animals in the wild! Prayers for all effected! Peace out man.”

Busy in shooting, director Kunal Kohli was unaware of the situation, “Been busy filming out of London, didn’t hear of the riots till I got frantic messages from people asking our well being. All good where we are”. Kohli tweeted yesterday.

Currently, the entire team of Teri Meri Kahani is in Nottingham, and is planning to return to India in a day or two.

The London riots started on Saturday in the northern district of Tottenham over the fatal shooting of a cabbie by police. There has been serious disorder in a number of towns and cities across England.
News apunkachoice

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Why is Shahid Kapoor insecure about Akshay Kumar?

Why is Shahid Kapoor insecure about Akshay Kumar?

Shahid Kapoor is all set to play Chhota Rajan in Milan Luthria's ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 2’. But there’s something that is making Shahid very apprehensive nowadays. Guess, what it is?

There’s a buzz in B-town that Shahid is really very anxious about sharing screen space with none other than Akshay Kumar in ‘Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai 2’. According to sources, in 2005, Akshay and Shahid did a movie titled, ‘Deewane Huye Paagal’. It turned out to be a terrible experience for Shahid as many of his scenes were removed from the movie. In spite of having two stars in the lead, the movie turned out to be a single star movie in the end.

That’s when Shahid decided that no matter what happens, he will only do single-hero movies. Till now, Shahid has stuck to his decision as all his movies be it, ‘Vivaah’, ‘Jab We Met’, ‘Kaminey’ or ‘Mausam’, all of them have been single star movies. 

Now, that Shahid has been approached to do ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 2’, Shahid has become really insecure about his role. Even though, he is quite sure that Milan Luthria will do justice to his presence in the movie, Shahid is unsure whether Akshay will again take the full credit away from him just like ‘Deewane Huye Paagal’.
Shahid is still thinking whether he should say yes for the role or not, keeping in mind, his solo stance. Let’s see what happens next… 

No mobile phones for Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor

No mobile phones for Shahid and Sonam

These days, Bollywood directors make actors go through all kinds of training and workshops to get into the skin of their characters. Pankaj Kapur too joined this list recently by making son Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor go out of their way and do something “really astounding.” Kapur,

who makes his directorial debut with Mausam, asked Shahid and Sonam to stop using mobile phones, SMSes or any short format for communication. Instead, he instructed them to write letters to communicate for two months prior to shooting with each other.
“I belong to a different school of acting. Everything my actors do has to be contextual,” says Kapur, about the film that’s partly period based. “I made Sonam and Shahid go though this extensive exercise so that they could start feeling like the characters. It took some time, as we needed to break inhibitions and develop new habits and then fall in love (on screen).”
Initially, Sonam and Shahid hated the idea of shunning their mobile phones. And since they were used to constantly messaging and emailing, felt it was a cumbersome job to write letters. But Kapur insisted that until and unless they go through the exercise, he wouldn’t start shooting the film.
Sources close to the film’s unit say that both Shahid and Sonam wrote really bad notes for two weeks, which left Pankaj Kapur fuming and baffled. But he persisted since he felt it was important for them to be able to write their thoughts down. 

Interestingly, Sonam and Shahid have gotten used to writing letters that they continue to do so whenever they find an opportunity even today, two years after the incident.

Shahid Kapoor still in two minds about signing OUATIM 2

Shahid Kapoor still in two minds about signing OUATIM 2

Mumbai: Bollywood chocolate boy actor Shahid Kapoor is apprehensive about signing Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 2,’ for the actor fears that doing a multi-starrer may jeopardize his role in the film.

Apparently, Shahid, who is toying with the idea of playing Chhota Rajan in ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 2,’ had a harrowing experience while shooting films with ensemble cast in the past.

Talking to a daily, a source said, “‘Deewane Huye Paagal’ (2005) was a nightmare experience for Shahid. What started off as a two-hero Akshay Kumar-Shahid project, finally ended up being a one-hero film on the editing table. Large portions of Shahid`s role were removed. From then on, Shahid promised he`d do only solo-hero films, and right from ‘Vivaah’ to ‘Jab We Met,’ ‘Kaminey’ to ‘Mausam,’ he has stuck to his guns.”

This time around, when Shahid was offered the role of Chhota Rajan in ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 2,’ the actor asked for some time to make up his mind.
It is believed that Shahid is mighty impressed by the work of Luthria, who had earlier dabbled in multi-starrer flicks like ‘Kachche Dhaage,’ ‘Taxi 9211’ and ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai.’ 

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Kismat Konnection 2  ( Hindi )
Shahid Kapoor, Kalki Koechlin, Shruti Haasan

Movie mates : Asiniya
Release Year : 2011

Pocket Maar  ( Hindi )
Shahid Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan
Release Year : 2011

Heer And Ranjha  ( Hindi )
Shahid Kapoor, Deepika Padukone
Release Year : 2011

A Slumdog Millionaire Goes Dancing  ( Hindi )
Shahid Kapoor, Kalki Koechlin, Ruslaan Mumtaz
Release Year : 2011

Star  ( Hindi )
Shahid Kapoor
Release Year : 2011

Mausam First look Theatrical trailer Ft. Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor

Mausam is an upcoming film directed and written by Pankaj Kapur. Enjoy the first look of movie Mausam starring shahid kapoor, sonam kapoor in lead roles. The film is slated for release on September 16, 2011.

Rabba mein toh Mausam

Rabba mein toh" (official video song HD) "Mausam" Ft. Shahid kapoor, Sonam Kapoor