Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Katrina Kaif to play Shahid Kapoor Heer in Heer Ranjha

Katrina to play Shahid's Heer in Heer Ranjha

First there were rumours that she had replaced Deepika as Ranbir’s girlfriend. Now, it seems that Katrina has replaced Deepika in a movie too.

Recently, there was a buzz created when Deepika Padukone was rumoured to star opposite Shahid Kapur in Sabir Khan’s Heer Ranjha. She was keen to do the film and had given the go-ahead.

However, reports suggest that Deepika has been unceremoniously dropped and Katrina has replaced her. Our source informs, “Deepika is still to recover from the shock as she didn’t even know she was out of the film. She had said yes to Sajid and was all set to sign the film when she learnt that Katrina has already been finalised. Now Katrina, who has only some YRF films currently, wanted to be a part of the film and called Sajid who is her rakhi brother and said that she was keen to star in the film. Sajid just could not refuse and the swap was finalised overnight.” Looks like Katrina is taking Deepika’s place in more than one sphere of Bollywood.