Friday, June 04, 2010

This is the best time to release Milenge Milenge Satish Kaushik

This is the best time to release 'Milenge Milenge': Satish Kaushik

His film might be six years too late but director Satish Kaushik feels that this is the right time to release his long pending "Milenge Milenge", with Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor, who have since climbed the success ladder to become big time stars. 

"It is not a question of delay. Delays can't mar a film," said Kaushik. " 'Milenge Milenge' is the best picture for today because that time they (Shahid-Kareena) were not such big stars," Kaushik told IANS in a telephonic interview from Mumbai. 

"Today they are very big stars. People want to see them together as a couple in a movie; the picture will get much more attention and value now," he added. 

Shot entirely in Delhi, "Milenge Milenge", which has been in the making since 2004, is said to be a remake of the Hollywood movie "Serendipity". Produced by Boney Kapoor, it will see the light of day July 9. 

What caused the delay? 

"It got delayed due to certain reasons, but that doesn't matter. A good film is always a good film and a good story is always a good story... Boney is leaving no stone unturned to promote this film in every which way," said Kaushik. 

Asked if the delay was due to Shahid-Kareena reportedly playing truant after their split, he said: "It has not happened due to what has been reported in the press. Both Shahid and Kareena have been professionals in terms of completing the film. But there were some unforeseen circumstances which could not be avoided." 

What about reports of Kareena delaying the photo shoot and work on promotional video for the movie? 

"She has already completed her photo shoot (May 30)... Her dates were totally tied up earlier. She will now shoot for the video very soon for which Shahid has already shot," said Kaushik, chosen as the director of the month by UTV World Movies for its "50 movies to see before you die" segment. 

Kaushik is positive about the box office prospects of the romantic comedy. 

"The film is about destiny and destiny is going to take this film across. It is looking very fresh. I am doing its background music now and it has turned out to be very well," he said. 

"The performances of both Shahid and Kareena and their on screen chemistry is really beautiful. Though it is little delayed, it will definitely make a mark. It is a very sweet romantic comedy. 

" The film is about a couple in love who get separated and how destiny brings them together. Shahid-Kareena were a great off screen couple, but they parted ways. 'Milenge Milenge' is an apt title for this pair, despite the fact that they are very happy in their own space now." 

Both the actors look very different now from six years ago. But Kaushik is not worried. "The film was completed in one go in 2005-06; so there is no change of looks for the actors in scene to scene." 

The promotional song of the movie "Sab kuch khatam ho kar bhi" penned by Sameer should have obvious resonance for the one-time couple. 

"We were thinking of a promotional song and this one was apt because it goes with the story. Later on we thought that this one should also be the promotional video for the movie," said the director.

Shahid Kapor Ans Sonam Kapoor daddy talk

Shahid Kapor Ans Sonam Kapoor daddy talk

Sonam Kapoor gave Shahid some solid advice about working with one's father 

When Sonam Kapoor joined Shahid Kapoor for the first reading of Pankaj Kapur's Mausam, the actress blew her cheeks out and reportedly said, "You're working with your dad for the first time. Have 'fun'. 

"I have just finished Aisha for my father (Anil Kapoor) and I know how tough it is to please him. Now you're getting into Mausam with your dad, you see how hard this film is going to be for you," she told him. 

And the same day, the two actors formed a pact. Since both of them knew that it is very hard to please a parent involved in a film, they decided to look out for each other during the shoot and make sure that neither suffers from any blues because having a parent around on a film set (especially in a creative capacity) can be slightly tricky. 

Shahid says, "I truly understand what Sonam meant. Dad is very strict with me. And since I respect him tremendously meri toh bolti bandh hai." They also truly understand what Hrithik Roshan must be going through when dad Rakesh Roshan is directing him.