Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bipasha Basu talks about Shahid Kapoor

Bipasha Basu talks about Shahid Kapoor

You sound liberated. Do you wish this had happened earlier?
It had to happen when it did. I don't like to live in regret. I was in a relationship by choice. When I was in it, I was fully into it. Now I am not there. Once I move on, I don't look back.

You've been very miserable in the past...
Who doesn't get miserable in a relationship once in a while? There are high and low points.

You seem to be linked with lots of men these days, including Shahid Kapoor?
Yeah. If the man is cute I don't mind being linked to him. The moment I am linked to someone who is 'ugh', I will protest!

So is a relationship with Shahid in the realm of possibility?
Anything is possible. After what has happened to me I firmly believe that. And I always say, never say never. I'm touched people feel that I'm supposed to have gone into the serial dating zone, immediately after a long relationship. First there was some Russian guy...then there was Josh.
Source Times of India