Monday, January 11, 2010

Preview Chance Pe Dance realistic film about strugglers

Chance Pe Dance' realistic film about strugglers (IANS Preview)

New Delhi, Jan 11 (IANS) After giving a hit with their debut vehicle "Ishq Vishk" (2003), actor Shahid Kapoor and director Ken Ghosh have teamed up once again for "Chance Pe Dance", about strugglers trying to make it big in Bollywood. It is releasing Friday.

Produced and distributed by UTV Motion Pictures for Rs.25 crore including print and publicity costs, it stars Genelia D'Souza in the female lead.

"It's a very realistic film on strugglers. The story of the film flows through such a situation that any struggler can identify with it, whether he is struggling as an engineer, doctor or as a lawyer," Shahid had told IANS.

The movie has also been in discussion for being a biopic on Shahid. However Ghosh has said only some incidents in the film reflects the actor's real life struggle.

"It's not a biopic in any way. The experiences have been borrowed from the life of strugglers. Shahid has gone through similar situations while he was struggling. The film is about those who go through a lot of struggle just to get one chance. Sometimes life gives you a chance, you need to grab it and make most of it," said Ghosh.

"Chance Pe Dance" revolves around a talented young struggling actor Sameer (Shahid). Positive and brimming with energy, Sameer juggles various jobs while waiting to get his big break in movies. During his struggle, he meets a choreographer, Tina (Genelia D'Souza).

Just when Sameer is promised his big break, he is left without a house as he cannot pay his rent. Not one to lose heart, he starts living in his rickety old car and starts teaching dance in a school to young kids who have never won any dance competition. It is not an easy job for him as he hates kids and the kids hate dancing.

The struggle as the director who was to launch Sameer now decides to choose his hero through a talent hunt. Sameer is shattered but he diverts his focus towards the kids. Getting over his initial dislike of children, he emotionally bonds with them and also helps them win a prestigious inter-school dance competition and gets their confidence back, aided by Tina.

Tina urges Sameer to enter the talent hunt and he emerges a winner and eventually becomes a superstar.

With a healthy line-up of promotional activities and the buzz courtesy Shahid's dance sequences in the movie and his eight-pack abs, the movie has raised expectations.

If the Shahid-Ghosh combo works again, "Chance Pe Dance" just might be 2010's first hit.

Shahid Kapoor at the Chevrolet Apsara Awards ceremony

Stylish actor Shahid Kapoor at the Chevrolet Apsara Awards ceremony in Mumbai