Friday, April 09, 2010

Shahid Kapoor excited to relive early days thanks Paathshala

Shahid excited to relive early days, thanks 'Paathshaala

New Delhi, April 9 (IANS) Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor is set to
relive his childhood days with a visit to his school and an old house
in Delhi where he lived for over 10 years -- as part of a promotional
tour for his upcoming film "Paathshaala".

"It's a nostalgic feeling for me to go back to my school 'Gyan Bharti
Public School' where I studied till fourth standard. I also hope to go
to my old house B-16 Saket where I stayed for 10 years with my
maternal grandparents.

"Delhi is like home for me and it will be nice especially for a film
like 'Paathshaala', which is all about students and education. It's a
great opportunity for me and I am excited," Shahid said in a

"Everybody visits different cities for promoting their films but when
we were working on 'Paathshaala', we decided that we would visit
Shahid's school and his old house too," film producer Ahmed Khan said.

"Shahid had mentioned that he never thought of going to his old house
even though he has been to Delhi several times after permanently
shifting base to Mumbai. We will be going there next week.

"Shahid wants to visit his old house and also meet the tenants who
stay there now. He fondly remembers the old house, and the fact that
he used to walk to his school which was 7-8 minutes away. It will be a
walk down the memory lane, which is exactly what our film is all
about," he said.

"Paathshaala", directed by Milind Ukey, is primarily about the Indian
education system. It deals with contemporary and socially relevant
issues regarding children. The film, which releases April 16, also
stars Ayesha Takia.