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Shahid Kapoor on spiritual quest before next film

Shahid Kapoor on spiritual quest before next film
By Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai, Feb 26 (IANS) A sudden change in work schedule made Shahid Kapoor a nervous wreck last month. A timely visit to his father Pankaj Kapoor spiritual guru in the hills however revealed to him the virtues of stillness in an overactive lifestyle.

Having finished all his assignments, the actor has no projects on hand at the moment apart from his dad's film "Mausam".

Shahid told IANS, "All I can say is faith makes all things possible. That's why it's called a leap of faith. I was working 20 hours a day till Jan 20. I was working insanely. When I woke up on Jan 21, I had no work to go to.

"Initially I felt a sense of freedom. Then immediately it was followed by panic...what do I do with myself? I've become an insomniac and started tweeting at 4 a.m. I don't feel tired. I feel I haven't earned the right to rest. And I don't know what to do with myself!"

However, here is the upside. "Every time I've sat at home without work, it has worked for my career. I did it before 'Vivah' and before 'Jab We Met'."

Shahid will be doing only one film in 2010 and that is his father's "Mausam". He will serve as a hands-on technician, spotboy whatever for the project.

"While I'm being directed by my dad, I'd like to learn in every department. I want to learn about cinematography, choreography and direction. Most of all, I'd learn a lot about acting from my dad. I want to try and absorb from him."

The thought of acting in front of his father petrifies Shahid. "It's a very scary thought. But in life you have to face challenges. Of course, there's anxiety and fear about acting in front of my father. I quite often think I've given a decent performance. And then when I hold a trial show for my father, all the confidence crumbles."

Shahid remembers a nightmarish incident. "I remember this one time when we were shooting for 'Jab We Met' near Khandala. Dad dropped in and was watching me on the monitor. And I just couldn't give my shot! I actually had to tell my dad to leave. I tactfully told him to proceed, and I'd join him for lunch. He immediately understood. And my next shot was okay."

Explaining his reason for staying away from all other projects, Shahid says, "It's a film very close to my heart because after 35 years of acting, dad is finally directing a film. After being the best actor in the country - that's what I believe him to be - he has decided to make a film with me in the lead because he wants to project me in a certain way.

"It's a huge sacrifice for someone who does so little work as an actor. The least I can do is to be there unconditionally for him during the time that he makes the film."

To prepare for "Mausam", Shahid needs to train as a pilot at a military academy.

Says Shahid, "I don't want to reveal right now what all I'll be doing. But, yes, I do play an air force pilot. But if you think I'll learn how to fly a plane for the film, then all I can say is I haven't reached that stage of madness!" 

Wishing Shahid Happy birthday Shahid Kapoor!Birthday Cards 

Mom and I have great emotional connect Shahid Kapoor

Mom and I have great emotional connect Shahid Kapoor

Contrary to reports, Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor spent his 29th birthday with his family. He was especially delighted with the presence of his mother with whom he has "a great emotional connect".

Referring to all the plans that had been reported for his birthday Thursday, Shahid says: "Everyone made plans that I didn't know about. It was quite annoying. Even my guest list was prepared.

"But no, the truth was there were no plans beyond the family." About his mother's presence on this birthday, he says: "Me and my mom used to live together. Now we live separately. But we have a great emotional connect. So 'aal izz well' on that front.

"My brother Ishaan stays with my mom and we're always hanging out together. In fact, I was at his annual day hours before my birthday. I feel I'm terrible to my family and friends because I don't give them enough time."

During his 29 years, Shahid has only had a couple of birthday parties. "I had a party for my last birthday and it drove me nuts. If friends take over and have a party for me only then will I be part of it in future."

His earliest memory of a birthday goes back to when he was four in Delhi. "It was in a two-bedroom apartment. As a child, I'd embarrass my mom at my birthdays by snatching the gift from the guest, opening it and expressing my pleasure or displeasure about the gift. They were very regular, typical middle-class birthdays."

Regarding rumours of a link-up with actress Deepika Padukone, Shahid says: "I've met her a few times. I first met her at an awards function and then we bumped into one another at a couple of parties. She seems like a nice person.

"Of course, it's very embarrassing, not so much for me as for the lady. When there's someone in my life I'll announce it properly. At the moment I'm scared to even meet a girl for fear of being linked up. But I won't stop living my life the way I want to just because I fear being wrongly linked."

Shahid's closing thoughts on his birthday: "This is going to be a year of learning for me. In the last couple of years, I've been going on the sets and trying to behave as if I know my job."

He is also excited about acting in his father Pankaj Kapoor's film "Mausam".

"Now this year I'm going to be a student to my father as he makes his film. I want to go on the set with an attitude of learning. I want to come out a better human being and an actor. And I know I will because there's no better teacher than my father."

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Happy 29th Birthday Of Shahid Kapoor Parties and Events VIDEOS

DESCRIPTION:Shahid Kapoor is an effortless charmer. As he celebrated his 29th Birthday with lucky contest winners at an exclusive Meet N Greet organised by Bollywood Hungama, one came across a unique side of the hugely talented Star-Actor. So, watch Sasha wooing a young girl, answering the fan questions and also dancing to 'Dhan Te Nan'. Unbelievable Watch!

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Happy birthday Shahid Kapoor!

Happy birthday Shahid Kapoor!

Bollywood's latest heartthrob Shahid Kapoor turns 29 today. The hunk who was most recently seen in flicks like Chance Pe Dance and Kaminey has left no stone unturned to make his mark in Bollywood.

Shahid began his career by working in music videos and advertisements. He made his Bollywood debut as a dancer in Subhash Ghai's Taal (1999).

Four years later, he made his debut as a lead in Ishq Vishk (2003) and won a Filmfare Best Male Debut Award for his performance. Shahid impressed the audience with his performance in films like Fida (2004) and Shikhar (2005). He tasted commercial success with Sooraj R. Barjatya's Vivah (2006), and followed it up with Jab We Met (2007) and Kaminey (2009).

Bollywood's most talked about vegan has managed to grab eyeballs not just for his performance on the silver screen but also his link-ups with many B-town leading ladies. After his break up with Kareena, Shahid has managed to prove himself as the most wanted hunk in Bollywood. From Vidya Balan, Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma and most recently Deepika Padukone, it seems Shahid can't have enough of our desi girls.

As the dashing Kapoor turns a year older, we wish him many more box-office hits and more reasons to make women drool over him in years to come.

Shahid Kapoor birthday bash Partie at Genelia Amrita Rao

Pankaj Kapoor, Supriya Pathak, Shahid Kapoor

Genelia Dsouza Bhavna Pani
Shahid Kapoor birthday bash Partie at Genelia Dsouza Amrita Rao
Genelia and Amrita Rao at Shahid Kapoor's suprise birthday bash

शाहिद कपूर 29 साल के हुए

शाहिद कपूर 29 साल के हुए

हिंदी सिने जगत में फिल्‍म ‘इश्‍क विश्‍क’ से कदम रखनेवाले बॉलीवुड के चॉकलेटी और युवतियों के दिलों पर राज करनेवाले अभिनेता शाहिद कपूर 25 फरवरी 2010 को अपना 29वां जन्‍मदिन मना रहे हैं। शाहिद ने अपने फिल्‍मी करियर में काफी संघर्ष किया है। पिछले साल आई फिल्‍म ‘कमीने’ से उनकी स्‍टार वैल्‍यू में बढ़ोतरी हुई है। भले ही फिल्म को खास सफलता नहीं मिली, लेकिन शाहिद के अभिनय को सराहना जरूर मिली। शाहिद को कुछ बड़े बैनर की‍ फिल्में भी मिली हैं। शाहिद को एक सुपरहिट फिल्म की सख्त जरूरत है।

इश्क विश्क’ का चक्कर
शाहिद ने भले ही फिल्‍मों के लिए संघर्ष किया हो, लेकिन अभिनेत्रियों के साथ अपना नाम जोड़ने के लिए उन्हें कभी कोई मेहनत नहीं करनी पड़ी। दरअस्ल शाहिद ने जितनी भी अभिनेत्रियों के साथ फिल्‍में कीं उनके साथ उनके अफेयर के चर्चे भी खूब हुए। शाहिद की जिंदगी में सबसे पहले कदम रखा करीना कपूर ने। लेकिन कुछ समय बाद करीना शाहिद को छोड़ छोटे नवाब सैफ की हो लीं। शाहिद और करीना कपूर के बीच प्यार का रिश्ता भले ही न रहा हो, लेकिन करीना उन्हें अपना अच्छा दोस्त मानती हैं, क्योंकि उन्होंने शाहिद के साथ कई खूबसूरत लम्हे बिताए हैं।

करीना नहीं तो प्रियंका ही सही
फिल्‍म ‘कमीने’ में शाहिद कपूर और प्रियंका चोपड़ा ने एक साथ काम किया था। इस फिल्‍म की काफी सराहना हुई, लेकिन इससे दोनों की जोड़ी भी लोगों की नजर में आई। यह जोड़ी भी अपने खास रिश्‍तों के कारण काफी चर्चा में रही, लेकिन जल्द ही इसका भी वही अंजाम हुआ और दोनों अलग हो गए। प्रियंका भी शाहिद को सिर्फ एक साथी कलाकार मानती हैं। इस जन्‍मदिन पर प्रियंका चोपड़ा शाहिद को शुभकामनाएं देते हुए कहती हैं कि शाहिद अपनी प्रोफेशनल और निजी जिंदगी के बीच संतुलन बनाकर चलते हैं और मुझे उनकी यही बात पसंद है।

किस्‍मत कनेक्‍शन !
फिल्‍म ‘किस्‍मत कनेक्‍शन’ में एक साथ काम करने के दौरान बॉलीवुड अभिनेता शाहिद कपूर और अभिनेत्री विद्या बालन के बीच रिश्‍तों की खूब चर्चा हुई थी। हालांकि दोनों ने कभी इस रिश्‍ते को कबूला नहीं, लेकिन जैसे ही ‘किस्‍मत कनेक्‍शन’ पि‍टी, शाहिद और विद्या का ‘कनेक्‍शन’ भी टूट गया। वैसे विद्या ने इस जन्‍मदिन पर कहा है कि शाहिद की सबसे अच्छी बात यह है कि वे गैरजरूरी बातों पर गौर नहीं करते। अब चर्चा यह है कि इन दिनों शाहिद दीपिका पादुकोण को पटाने में लगे हैं और हो सकता है कि अगले जन्‍मदिन तक दीपिका ही शाहिद से जुड़ी सुर्खियां में नजर आएं।

संघर्षपूर्ण सफर शाहिद ने अब तक जो सफर तय किया है, जो संघर्ष किया है वह उन लोगों के लिए प्रेरणादायक है जो बिना किसी सहारे के आगे बढ़ना चाहते हैं। शाहिद के पिता पंकज कपूर नामी अभिनेता हैं, इसके बावजूद शाहिद ने ‘इश्क विश्क’ से लेकर ‘चांस पे डांस’ तक का सफर अपने बल पर तय किया है। यशराज फिल्म्स की ‘बदमाश कंपनी’ और पंकज कपूर की ‘मौसम’ उनकी आनेवाली फिल्में हैं।

शाहिद की जन्मदिन पार्टी पर पुलिस ने छापा मारा

शाहिद की जन्मदिन पार्टी पर पुलिस ने छापा मारा

मुंबई पुलिस ने बॉलीवुड के चॉकलेटी बॉय शाहिद कपूर के जन्मदिन के जश्न का मजा देर रात किरकिरा कर दिया। पुलिस पार्टी में पहुंची और उसे रुकवा दिया। दरअस्ल शाहिद की यह पार्टी कानून के तहत तय समय सीमा के बाहर चल रही थी। रात 11 बजे शुरू हुई यह पार्टी देर रात तकरीबन 3 बजे तक चली। जिसके कारण
मुंबई पुलिस ने इस पार्टी पर छापा मारा। पार्टी में उस समय बॉलीवुड के कई नामी-गिरामी सितारे मौजूद थे। शाहिद कपूर 29 साल के हुए यह पार्टी मुंबई के पब ‘ऑन टॉस’ में चल रही थी। पुलिस ने पब मैनेजर को गिरफ्तार भी कर लिया है। गौरतलब है कि शाहिद 25 फरवरी को अपना 29वां जन्मदिन मना रहे हैं।

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Wishing Shahid Kapoor a very happy birthday!

He is someone, who has, in his own sweet and boyish ways, redefined the term 'acting'. Despite the fact that he has the DNA and the genes of two of the all time superstars, he preferred to wear off his jeans by slogging it out in the sun and make a name for himself! Did he succeed? Well, he not just succeeded but also set unprecedented records… for he is none other than Birthday Boy Shahid Kapoor.

After having lent his name to a million smash hit films, songs and also a zillion FMCG products, this dude is sitting on a goldmine, since he has his diary filled with appointments galore till the end of eternity! Such is his 'demand' over the 'command'! A testimonial to this stands in the form films ranging from Ishk Vishk till Kaminey. With today's birthday, the irony is that he not grows a year old, but he grows ten years younger! Such is the greatness of this 'sabka laadla chokra' called Shahid Kapoor.

Shhaid Kapoor Birthday Cards

Happy Birthday Shahid Kapoor

Badmaash Company Movie Video

Shahi Kapoor

Badmaash Company Movie Cast Crew And First Look

Yash Raj Films

Under Production


Release Date
May 7, 2010



Yash Chopra
Aditya Chopra

Parmeet Sethi

Star Cast
Shahid Kapoor
Anushka Sharma

Cassettes and CD's on
YRF Music

Check out Yash Raj production Badmaash Company movie poster, which is directed by Parmeet Shethi and film starrer is Shahid Kapur and Anushka Sharma.

Movie based on They did all the wrong …… The right way”

Paathshala Movie Stills Photos

Paathshala Movie Stills Photos And Wallpapars

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Milenge Milenge Movie First Look

S K Films Enterprises

Stuck / On Hold


Release Date
April 2, 2010

Social / Romance

Shooting Locations (City & Country)
Delhi (India)
Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
United Arab Emirates

Boney Kapoor

Satish Kaushik

Star Cast
Shahid Kapoor...... Amit
Kareena Kapoor...... Priya
Aarti Chhabria
Satish Shah
Delnaz Paul...... Honey
Kirron Kher
Himani Shivpuri
Satish Kaushik
Sarfaraz Khan

Music Director
Himesh Reshammiya

Background Music
Sanjoy Chowdhary

S Sriram

Ahmed Khan

Jayant Deshmukh

Sanjay Verma

Shiraz Ahmed

Shiraz Ahmed

Publicity Designs
HR Enterprises

Story / Writer
Shiraz Ahmed

News BH

Mausam has nothing to do with Top Gun Shahid Kapoor

Mausam' has nothing to do with 'Top Gun': Shahid Kapoor

Mumbai, Feb 16 (IAN) Shahid Kapoor is amused that his father Pankaj Kapoor directorial debut "Mausam" is being likened to Tom Cruise's "Top Gun" just because he plays an air force officer in the film.

"I am relatively new to the industry but at least respect my dad's credibility as a film personality. 'Mausam', which actually is a working title, has nothing to do with 'Top Gun' except for the fact that Tom Cruise played the role of a naval flight officer while in 'Mausam' I play an air force officer," Shahid told IANS.

"Other than that, there is no similarity whatsoever since my dad has written an entirely original story and screenplay of the film," he said.

The young actor says his father's credibility should be kept in mind by those floating rumours that "Mausam" is a remake of "Top Gun".

"My father's career spans more than 25 years and he has been known for his original work even as an actor. This is the reason why he has acted in only 35-odd movies despite getting so much critical acclaim. Do you think that for his own film as a director, he would end up remaking another film," he said.

"I don't know how someone just picked the Tom Cruise angle just because I play a uniformed officer in my film. On the contrary, 'Mausam' is a love story," said Shahid.

The leading lady of this 'love story' has not yet been decided, but work is on to get the entire pre-production in place for "Mausam", which will go on floors in April.

"I am glad that I have full two months to prepare for the role. I have a lot of time now to give to the film and since I am not working on anything else in the interim, I have requested dad that he allow me to work on some other departments in the film as well.

"I am quite interested in contributing to 'Mausam' other than just being an actor and I am sure dad would be sympathetic enough to give me an opportunity."

Shahid is not signing up for any other new film. So will it be only one film at a time from now on?

"That's not really the case. Also, it's not that just because it is dad's film, I am giving it any extra attention. 'Mausam' is the kind of film that an actor should be doing in a single stretch without working on anything else.

"The script is such that as an actor, I have to dedicate all my time and presence to it. It's more to do with the subject and the character than anything else and you'll see it for yourself once the film releases," he said.

Shahid would next be seen in Ahmed Khan's "Paathshaala", which releases in April, "Milenge Milenge" with Kareena Kapoor in the same month and Parmeet Sethi's directorial debut for Yash Raj Films in June.

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Kaminey surpasses 3 Idiots in 55th Filmfare nominations

Kaminey' surpasses '3 Idiots' in 55th Filmfare nominations  

New Delhi, Feb 11 (IANS) Even though Aamir Khan's comedy-drama "3 Idiots" was the biggest hit of 2009, filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj's crime caper "Kaminey" has surpassed it in bagging the maximum nominations for the 55th Idea Filmfare Awards.

"3 Idiots," starring Aamir, R. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi and Kareena Kapoor, was highly appreciated by viewers and critics alike but it managed to get only seven nominations in comparison to the nine nominations bagged by "Kaminey" and eight by Saif Ali Khan's debut production venture "Love Aaj Kal".

"Kaminey," starring Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra, and "3 Idiots" have been nominated in categories like best film, best director, best actor and best actress, among others. 

''3 Idiots" has not bagged nominations in the best music and best lyrics categories in which "Kaminey" has been nominated.

"Love Aaj Kal" was directed by Imtiaz Ali and starred Saif along with Deepika Padukone in the lead.  

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

In Mausam Shahid Kapoor will surprise all Pankaj Kapoor

In Mausam, Shahid will surprise all: Pankaj Kapoor

Seasoned actor Pankaj Kapoor is all set to make his directorial debut with Mausam with son Shahid in the lead. The father is confident that Shahid's varied acting skills will surprise everyone.

"I know people would be curious to know what we're making together. That would be a big USP for me. Shahid has great potential. People have always seen him as a chocolate-box hero. But in Kaminey we could see another side of him," Pankaj told IANS.

"Shahid's USP are his dancing skills and fluent diction. For Mausam, I required an actor with range. I've a gut feeling my son is going to surprise not just the audience but also me," he added.

Pankaj says that Shahid wanted to work him. "The idea was to do something meaty and challenging. We should be starting in another two-three months. We're into pre-production. I've written a lot of scripts which I couldn't direct and could only star in. When Shahid became an actor, he expressed a desire to be directed by me, I thought it'd be wonderful to work with my own son.

"But I signed him only after I saw the potential in him. We've been working on the script for three years. Meanwhile, a really wonderful thing has happened. Shahid became a big star. I'm very proud of him as his father. And Shahid's stardom is a happy happening for Mausam."

The original plan was to only direct the film and let Shahid take the lead. But now giving in to pressure, Pankaj has decided to make an appearance in his directorial debut.

"It would be an Alfred Hitchcockian kind of fleeting appearance. But I'd largely like to concentrate on making the film and stay behind the camera," he said.

The actor, who recently wowed the audiences with his performances in films like Maqbool, Dharm and The Blue Umbrella, refuses to divulge details about his directorial debut.

"It's a love story and we don't want any of the details being picked up by other filmmakers. I plan to bring my own sensibilities together with Shahid's," said Pankaj, who doesn't like being labelled an offbeat actor.

"It's rather sad that I've been dubbed an offbeat actor. But whenever given an opportunity I've done mainstream cinema. I've nothing against commercial cinema as long as the rendering of the story is sensible.

"I've learnt so much watching the commercial greats. I hope to use all that I've learnt from them into my own Mausam. If the producers are spending crores on my film I better get it back for them."

Incidentally, the title Mausam may change. "We'll try and find an alternative name. I know the association with the film by Gulzar saab called Mausam is too strong. The format of that film was inspired by Ingmar Bergman's Wild Strawberries. That Mausam is far superior to what I'm trying to achieve in my first film as director."

Shahid Kapoor goes on an all India search for a heroine for his dad film

Shahid Kapoor goes on an all India search for a heroine for his dad film

By: Subhash K Jha
Date:  2009-11-05
Place: Mumbai

It's final. Pankaj Kapoor's first directorial venture Mausam, starring beta Shahid Kapoor will now have a new leading lady selected from an all-India talent hunt that begins on 26 November.

The talent hunt will take Pankaj and Shahid on a six-city tour through Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad. But contestants from other smaller cities around these six metropolitan centres can also participate.

Beta picks a girl

According to sources, although Pankaj Kapoor and the producers of Mausam Sheetal Talwar and Madhu Mantena will take the help of a television channel to shortlist the girls, the final choice will be left to Pankaj Kapoor. "And Pankaj will leave the ultimate selection of the girl to his son. Almost like a bride hunt," giggles a source. 

Daddy ke liye

Shahid will also double an assistant on the his papa's set. It is learnt that Shahid would be helping his father in every department of this project. He has set aside all other projects, so he can be his father's right-hand man on his directorial debut. He wants Senior Kapoor's film to be as close to perfection as possible. And he also wants to learn the ropes of direction while helping his father on this film."

Adds the source, "Shahid has charged Rs 12 crore for doing Mausam. But the money is irrelevant. He is in this to make sure his father gets it absolutely right."