Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shahid Kapoor injured on Mausam Movie sets

Shahid injured on 'Mausam' sets

Shahid Kapoor injured his right arm after he was hit by a Ferris wheel during the shoot of Pankaj Kapoor’s ‘Mausam’ at Jogeswari in Mumbai last night.

An eye-witness from the set revealed that Shahid was performing a stunt when he fell from a giant wheel, though luckily not from a great height. The actor was taken to the doctor immediately and has been advised rest for two days.
The calamitous incidences don't' stop there. On the same very night two lightmen on the sets were injured when a rostrum holding them 70 feet above the ground gave away! Luckily, no one was seriously injured. The crew believed that Special Forces were at work that day which saved all the victims including Shahid, who could have seriously injured his face.
However, this is not the first time as Shahid had hurt himself previously during the Scotland schedule of the film in June, delaying the shoot by a week.
Producer Sheetal Talwar confirmed the news and said that it was nightmare for all of them and she would rather not talk about it. Miraculously, Shahid and the two light men were saved and nothing serious happened to anyone, she sighed off.
Shockingly, Talwar also revealed that the doctors attending to Shahid also got into an accident while driving back in the star’s vehicle.
The film, a romantic drama, headlines Sonam Kapoor as the female lead will hit the theatres on July 22.