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Mausam earns Rs 22 crore over weekend

Mausam earns Rs 22 crore over weekend

Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor starrer Mausam, a hardcore romantic drama received mixed reviews, but it had a good start - the film has earned Rs 22 crore in the opening weekend.

Pankaj Kapoor's directorial debut, the film tracks the story of a couple forced to stay apart by socio-political situations.

and how after 10 years of separation they reunite and live happily after.

Made at a budget of Rs 35 crore, Mausam was released across 1,900 screens and earned Rs 22 crore over three days - Friday, Saturday and Sunday. People liked Shahid's performance and the story, but they found the film lengthy.

"The weekend has been good. We had 90 percent occupancy although it dropped on Monday. People are liking the content but the duration of the film is very long which acts as a deterrent," Puneet Sahay, senior manager for programming and operations at Spice Cinemas told IANS.

Some film critics have praised it, others have found the film an average one. Despite the average reviews, the film has got a decent response, says Munish Sharma of Satyam Cinemas.

"Although Mausam hasn't got a bumper start, the response to the film has been decent. The average reviews don't seem to have affected it as the response at the box-office has been good. Both Shahid and Sonam's acting is being appreciated," said Sharma.

Yogesh Raizada, corporate head (Cinemas) of Wave Cinemas, feels that the film lacks flow. "The film goes criss-cross. It lacks flow. Moreover its 2.45 hour duration makes it a tough watch although both Shahid and Sonam have played their parts nicely. The film has received a decent response in the NCR as both the actors have a good fan following, it failed to impress people in Uttar Pradesh," said Raizada.

Priyanka Chopra Vidya Balan snub Shahid Kapoor

Priyanka Chopra, Vidya Balan snub Shahid Kapoor

On September 22, Mumbai Mirror told you how Shahid Kapoor, who along with his father Pankaj Kapur chalked out the guestlist for the Mausam premiere held on Thursday night, had invited his ex-girlfriends Priyanka Chopra and Vidya Balan.

The actor however, had decided to give Kareena Kapoor the royal snub. Looks like the actor got paid back in his own coins, albeit by the two ladies he had invited.

Despite the absence of his two ex-flames, Shahid's much-awaited movie of the year did manage to draw most tinsel townies out of their homes. Genelia D'Souza, Bipasha Basu, Sonakshi Sinha, Amisha Patel, Kangna Ranaut, Tabu, his Dil Bole Hadippa costar Rani Mukerji, Aayesha Takia and even Amrita Rao (who happens to be Shahid's ex-love as well) added some razzle dazzle to the show held at iMax Wadala.

A source informed Mumbai Mirror, "Vidya Balan was shooting for Dirty picture at a studio in Goregaon on Thursday evening. Though her co-star Tusshar Kapoor did take a break for a couple of hours to attend the birthday party of his Hum Tum Shabana producer Sunil Chainani, Vidya decided not to follow his example. She continued shooting for the film. On the other hand, Priyanka Chopra chose to perform with SRK at an awards function in Delhi and skip Shahid's movie premiere."

And it was not just his ex-flames who gave the premiere a miss. Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan, two actors Shahid has been bonding with really well of late, were conspicuous by their absence.

"It was shocking to see that neither Ranbir nor Imran turned up for the Mausam premiere. Everybody was talking about their absence in hushed whispers at the event," informed a source. Imran's wife Avantikaa however, did make an appearance with director Ayaan Mukerji.

Though some speculate that Ranbir might have given the premiere a miss because of Sonam Kapoor, the leading lady of the film, a friend of the actor defended him saying, "Shahid knew Ranbir wouldn't make it for the premiere. Ranbir was busy shooting in Chandivli."

A source revealed, "People at the event were speculating whether Imran missed the show because Mausam's first day collections are higher than Mere Brother Ki Dulhan." Distributor Aditya Choksi confirmed, "The collections of Mausam are 15 per cent higher than those registered by Mere Brother Ki Dulhan on day one."

Shahid Kapoor, Vidya Balan connect

Shahid Kapoor, Vidya Balan connect

All those who think Shahid Kapoor and his ex Vidya Balan have been sharing cold vibes since they broke off - well, here's some news. 

The duo have been connecting over phone calls and messages for quite some time. Says a source, "Shaks and Vidz keep in touch and watch each other's films too. 

They have always appreciated each other's work and make it a point to compliment or criticise each other's work." If it's all work and no 'play', we are sure a certain SRK wouldn't mind at all.

Box Office report Mausam is Shahid Kapoor biggest opener

Box Office report: 'Mausam' is Shahid Kapoor’s biggest opener

Mausam, the directorial debut of India’s much feted actor Pankaj Kapur, has witnessed a good weekend at box office. The film, despite some scathing reviews by critics, managed to hold on and kept pulling in the crowds. 

Though the response hasn’t been as good as it was expected, it is not bad either. The bums on seats haven’t been on the wane and that’s heartening news for the distributors. Starring Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor in the lead roles, Mausam rounded off its first weekend at theatres with a collection of approximately Rs. 21 crores nett. The movie reportedly raked in around 8 crore on its opening day; its collection dipped on Saturday, but picked up again on Sunday. 

Shahid Kapoor can take heart from the fact that Mausam is his biggest opener at Box Office yet, even better than Kaminey or Badmaash Company. 

Meanwhile, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan has emerged as a hit at box office. 

The coming Friday would see the release of many films, but the ones that are likely to attract maximum footfalls are Force starring John Abraham and Hum Tum Shabana starring Minissha Lamba along with Tusshar Kapoor and Shreyas Talpade.

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Shahid Sonam Kapoor NDTV Interview

Shahid Kapoor Sonam Kapoor interview 1

Rajeev Masand interview with Shahid Kapoor Sonam Kapoor

Mausam denied clearance by Air Force

Mausam denied clearance by Air Force

Pankaj Kapoor's directorial debut  Mausam seems to be facing more turbulent weather than anticipated. The film was supposed to go into censoring on Thursday. Instead it is now stuck in a state of frozen uncertainty.

Reason? The Air Force has objected to an aerial action sequence with Shahid Kapoor. For those who came in late, Shahid plays an Air Force pilot in Mausam. Special permission had been sought and granted to shoot in a real airbase.

So what is the Air Force objecting to? Apparently, it's a dramatic action fight sequence with Shahid on board a Mirage fighter plane.

The Mausam producer Sheetal Talwar is livid. "How can they do this? We had the script cleared by the Air Force on August 23, 2010. Now suddenly they're objecting to a sequence after it's been shot, edited and the film was ready for censoring?"

Needless to say, Mausam cannot be submitted for censorship until the Air Force gives an all-clear signal.

Talwar is all set for a meeting with officers of the Air Force on Friday. Otherwise he is ready to move court.

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Mamta Mohandas refuses Shahid Kapoor

Mamta Mohandas refuses Shahid Kapoor

It’s been some time since actor Mamta Mohandas has been networking and aspiring for a break in Bollywood. However, she seems to be choosy when it comes to accepting roles.
She demonstrated this trait when she reportedly refused a role opposite Shahid Kapoor. She was offered the role of Shahid’s young love in an untitled film being directed by Kunal Kohli.
A friend of the actress who did not want to be named, supported Mamta’s decision and ventured an explanation saying, “Mamta didn’t want to do a routine and clichéd glam role of eight to nine scenes as she wants to kick start her B-town stint with a bang.”
Regarding Mamta’s possible inhibition of sharing screen space with top league actress, Priyanka Chopra in the film, her friend answered, “No such worries, since Shahid will be seen in three roles and Priyanka is cast for one role. Mamta was supposed play the love interest of young Shahid and the role comes in at another time frame.
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Shahid Kapoor overstays on stage

Shahid Kapoor overstays on stage
Bollywood’s making its presence felt all over the world and recently it was actors Shahid Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone and a few others who set the stage on fire at an event in Dubai.
While Shahid was the most popular amongst the lot, apparently there was some drama behind the scenes when he supposedly over-stayed on the stage during his rehearsals and cut into the time of another performer.
The back-stage drama happened when Shasha performed ahead of American R&B singer Kelly Rowland. The ruckus was finally sorted out by the organizers but not before some shows of dissent from Shahid’s crew for being behaved badly.
During the show, Shahid chose to enter onto the stage by cutting through the crowd, shaking hands with his fans. Kelly was initially supposed to be performing on stage with her bodyguards but seeing Shahid, she too loosened up and asked her bodyguards to back off when she started interacting with the crowds.
Sonam Kapoor Shahid Mausam 

Me and Shahid are opposites and there’s always chemistry when there are opposites - Sonam Kapoor

Me and Shahid are opposites and there’s always chemistry when there are opposites - Sonam Kapoor

Demure, Subdued, Quietened - as Ayaat, Mausam sees Sonam Kapoor anew. Contra to her spritely self the actress barely breaks into the slightest of smiles she lets silence and stillness speak volumes rather than peripheral trappings. Speaking exclusively to Filmicafe, Sonam shares with us why she loves Toronto, the biggest blessing of Mausam, matching steps with Shahid and fashion thoughts for her upcoming red carpet rendezvous.

You’ve played the quintessential romantic heroine before, be it in Saawariya or I Hate Luv Storys. How is donning the romantic avatar with Ayaat in Mausam, a Sonam of difference?
Sonam: Mausam’s Ayaat is extremely simple as compared to the other two characters I’ve played of Sakina in Saawariya and Simran in I Hate Luv Storys.

She’s gone through a lot because of the riots in Kashmir, so there’s an innate stillness in her which has developed because she’s seen so much while growing up. She has her nightmares, her prayers, her hopes and desires. Harry comes into her life filling her with love, hope and energy which she tries to cling onto for the ten years journey she goes through with him.

As Harry and Ayaat, you and Shahid are being warmly embraced and unanimously loved. What is it that makes your pairing spark and sparkle in Mausam’s decade long romance?
Sonam: It’s actually a 12 year progression for me in the film from 16 to 28 and for Shahid it’s from 18 to 30.

Me and Shahid are opposites and there’s always chemistry when there are opposites.

I honestly feel I’ve had chemistry with each and every hero of mine. Chemistry is all about acting and reacting to the person as well as what the director and writer write. If a scene is written which involves both the actors then chemistry is created - it’s all in the perception. I think Pankaj Sir has very smartly written scenes which create those moments and because Shahid and me get on quite well it translated nicely onscreen.

Mausam has raised the bar for your ideal man you said recently. What would be those admirable and endearing characteristics of Harry?
Sonam: I think Idealism, honesty and a purpose. People in the military, navy or air force all have an amazing sense of purpose - they know what their life’s mission is.

Purpose is the most important thing in any person’s life. A sense of purpose gives great confidence to a human being because they know what defines them - that in itself is important and makes a man attractive.

Shahid is one of the finest dancers in the industry and you’re waltzing with him in the film. How did you manage to keep up and match steps with him?
Sonam: In a waltz the man usually leads the woman, so Shahid had to do all the work (laughs) - jokes aside, the Viennese waltz we did is actually one of the toughest two people/partnered dance forms.

At first we thought it’d be easy because it seems really easy just looking at a bunch of people going round and round (laughs) but it turned out to be a lot tougher. After rehearsing a whole lot and we eventually started enjoying ourselves. The music for a waltz is quite slow so in between shots Shahid would put on his hip-hop and start grooving to it.

I like that kind of stuff - so waltzing was quite fun, romantic and beautiful.

You’ve invested and committed a lot of yourself to Mausam. How taxing or rewarding has the experience been for and What’s been the biggest gift of Mausam?
Sonam: This is actually one of my shorter films. Saawariya took two and half years to make and Delhi 6 took a year and nine months. Mausam has only taken a year and a half of my time so this is one of my less taxing films.

It’s been extremely rewarding working on Mausam because I got to learn so much. Especially because Pankaj Sir is such a brilliant actor so I learn a lot from him. I learned a lot from Shahid as well, he’s been in this industry for so long - he knows the ins and outs way more than I do.

On Mausam, I was working with the best in the industry whether it was the cinematographer, the art director, the makeup artist - they were all the best. It’s always great to be on a learning ground like that.

The film will have its world premiere right here in Toronto. How are you feeling about returning to the big city with a small town feel?
Sonam: You know how much I love Toronto - I really really love the city.

I couldn’t unfortunately come for IIFA because I was working but I’m so excited and am looking forward to coming back, I can’t wait. I’m just coming for three days but I’m like but I need to go here, I need to go there (laughs).

I’ve been in Toronto before for a month shooting Thank You so I’ve been everywhere - all the restaurants, the sea-facing eateries and all - the food is good, the shopping is good. I’m actually sort of upset that can’t visit properly and to do as much this time around.

You’ve quickly become a click n’ carpet favourite - Cannes earlier this as L’Oreal Brand Ambassador and now the Toronto Film Festival in a couple of weeks. What’s coming out of your fashionable closet for Toronto?
Sonam: I have no idea you know, I’m looking at something that’s really classic and really beautiful.

I think I’m going to go again for something archival - I wore an archival gown in Cannes as well. My sister Rhea
is going to styling me again for it so let’s see - it’s going to be a surprise.

Give us a little bit more of a hint than that Sonam.
Sonam: In Cannes I did an Indian and a Western outfit, I’m thinking of doing the same thing in Toronto.

I believe there’s a press interaction and the red carpet so I’m going to choose either or for each one of them but I’m not going to do both western - I’m 100 percent going to do one Indian for it.

nEWS .filmicafe

Shahid and Sonam spearhead Mausam Promotions

Shahid and Sonam spearhead Mausam Promotions

Shahid and Sonam Kapoor are hitting pedal to the mettle to accelerate the promotions of their upcoming Mausam which is fast nearing its September 16 release. 

In a unique one of a kind and first of its kind promotional strategy, the lead actor and actress of a film have taken on the onus and personal responsibility of promoting the film on their own two or should we say four shoulders.

“Gonna post a video everyday till the release of Mausam, chronicling the publicity runs! Are you ready???” tweeted Sonam early yesterday, sending her loyal fan following into frenzy. To which an eager Shahid excitedly replied, “Am I allowed to feature in those vids too :)”

Later the same day, Sonam went onto post a video on Youtube of herself and Shahid on sets of the popular reality music show, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L'il Champs 2011.

The brainchild of film’s heroine Sonam Kapoor - the video diaries are certainly a creative way for viewers to have an aankhon dekha haal of all the Mausam promo-ing action.

Promotional runs are set to continue with a celebration for the success of Mausam’s music planned for today where singers from the film's soundtrack like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Tochi Raina, Hard Kaur and including Director Pankaj Kapoor will perform live.

Shahid Kapur bonded with dad on the sets of Mausam

Shahid Kapur bonded with dad on the sets of Mausam
Shahid Kapur, who comes from a broken home, found the shooting ofMausamvery unusual. It gave him the chance to spend some time with father Pankaj Kapur. Mausam was special because it gave him a chance to bond with his dad Pankaj Kapur. Shahid lived with his mother and maternal grandparents from the age of three after the divorce of his parents.

He found it difficult to spend time with his father who is a much respected actor in the film and theatre fraternity. So, while shooting for Pankaj's directorial debut,Mausam,he ensured that he spent maximum time with his dad. While the father-son duo enjoyed each other's company on the sets, both are struggling to come to terms with the harsh reality of having to separate after the shoot was over.

Reportedly, it was only during the filming ofMausamthat Shahid realised he didn't know his father's mother tongue-Punjabi. Apparently, Shahid was so upset about not having any attachment to his father's roots that he hired a tutor to teach him the language. "Shahid has the tutor travelling with him in London. He is really taking an interest to perfect the accent of the language", a source said.

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Shahid Kapoor's jinxed performances

Shahid Kapoor's jinxed performances
Of late all of Shahid Kapoor's performances seem to be jinxed. He has been trying to promote his movieMausamin every possible way and has also confessed that the upcoming film Mausam will decide his fate. But his fate doesn't seem to be on his side.

The marketing team had big plans when they arranged its music launch in London with a live performance by Shahid. However, they had to cancel it due to the riots and there wasn't any formal music release.
Later, Shahid was to perform once again in New York to pay tribute to late pop star Michael Jackson and promote his movie but once again it could not happen because of hurricane Irene.

Now finally Shahid is flying to Dubai to perform and will promote his movie there. Apart from Shahid, Priyanka and Jacqueline, John Abraham and Genelia D'souza may also fly to Dubai for promotion of their filmForce

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Shahid And Sonam Kapoor On The Set Of SAREGAMAPA LITTLE CHAMP

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A new look into Mausam Movie

A new look into Mausam
On the 16th of September we finally get to delve into the world of Mausam. Directed by Pankaj Kapoor, the film that spans a love story over the seasons of 10 years stars the exciting new jodi of Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor.
Mausam is a love story beyond romance and is the journey of two over the seasons of life. In its first season we start with a mere adolescent attraction between a Punjabi boy Harry, and a Kashmiri girl Aayat, in a small village of Punjab. It develops into young love between them in season two. Their love realizes its own depth in the hours of separation throught season three. In the fourth and final season their love culminates into togetherness. But not before sacrificing a lot personally and learning the truth behind universal love. It is a passionate love story which sees, as its background various shades of life.
In this newest promo we can see each of those seasons and the amazing film we have in store for us!
Also check out these new posters

Mausam dialogue promo

Meet the new love guru Shahid Kapur

Meet the new love guru Shahid Kapoor

What's common between Shahid's Mausam' & Ranbir's Rockstar ?

What's common between Shahid's Mausam' & Ranbir's Rockstar ?

Although the mighty Khans - Salman and Shahrukh - are currently hogging limelight for their respective projects, B-town's young heartthrobs are simultaneously and gradually are making their presence felt.
Shahid Kapoor these days is quite busy promoting his father Pankaj Kapur's directorial debut 'Mausam' which is soon releasing on 16th September. On the other hand, one would have got a glimpse of Ranbir Kapoor's musical outbursts in Imtiaz Ali�s 'Rockstar', of which the first look and poster was unveiled last week whereas the movie hits the screens on 11th November.

What caught our interest are the similarities between the two movies... While both are bannered under Eros, 'Mausam' and 'Rockstar' seems to share creative ideas through their posters. Having sepia tones, they give a painting-like feel, reminding us the way old film posters were done. Besides, both the movies carry the very essence of romantic concept where its heroes are shown pinning for their lady love. (Yeah, that's other point that both the male leads share same surnames).

After her last outing in 'Thank You', Sonam Kapoor in 'Mausam' plays a simple, girl-next-door character which might remind one of her �Delhi 6' days; although her new avatar is much more toned down. Coming to 'Rockstar', international model-actress Nargis Fakhri makes her Bollywood debut in this one.
Well, now we have to wait and see whose movie brings in success 'season' in their career and which movie 'rocks' at the box office

India's Most Desirable Ft Shahid Kapoor 4th September 2011 PART2

India's Most Desirable Ft Shahid Kapoor 4th September 2011 PART2 Pt1 Pt2 Pt3 Pt4

India's Most Desirable Shahid Kapoor] 4th September 2011 Pt2

India's Most Desirable Shahid Kapoor 4th September 2011 Pt1 Pt2 Pt3 Pt4

India's Most Desirable Shahid Kapoor 4th September 2011 Pt1

India's Most Desirable Shahid Kapoor 4th September 2011 Pt1 Pat3

India's Most Desirable Shahid Kapoor] 4th September 2011 Pt3

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The Shoppiesta Finale at Meydan was packed with amazing star performances


The Shoppiesta Finale at Meydan was packed with amazing star performances

Like most events with Bollywood stars, the Shoppiesta Finale featuring Shahid Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Malaika Arora Khan and Jacqueline Fernnadez began hours past the scheduled time on September 4. The audience at Meydan waited over two hours to see their fave stars but it was worth it in the end. When Jacqueline (the first of the T’town line-up) finally came on stage after performances by Kelly Rowland and T-Pain, it was almost 12am but the energy she and the other celebs brought, got the audience going. 

Jackie grooved to her ‘Housefull’ hit Dhanno, ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’, and a medley of ‘Murder 2’ songs (which was a bit odd considering they aren’t really dance number) followed by the always amazing Malaika who brought the house down with ‘Munni Badnaam Hui’, ‘Ibn Battuta’ and ‘Honth Raseeley’ from ‘Welcome’. 

Then it was time for the big three. Priyanka Chopra, rockstar in the making, showed she’s really got what it takes to get a crowd on its feet as she danced to ‘Anjaana Anjaani’, her ‘Dostana’ hit ‘Desi Girl’, and did a cute segment with children to an Arabic song. 

The gorgeous Deepika Padukone was just as good, moving to ‘Bachna Ae Haseenon’, ‘Chor Bazaari’, ‘Oh Girl You Are Mine’ and her very own item number ‘Dum Maaro Dum’. 

And then there was the man of the ‘Mausam’ - Shahid Kapoor. Sasha made his entry with that super cool ‘Kaminey’ number ‘Dhan Te Nan’ and then showed off some funky moves to songs from his new movie that releases September 16. 

The night was high on star power, but who was the true hot fave with the Dubai audience? Well, the loudest cheers were for Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra. With their electrifying performances and amazing stage presence, the duo was dynamite. Despite their packed schedules and little time for rehearsals, they rocked in true superstar style. 

And they enjoyed the night as much as Dubai did. Priyanka tweeted soon after her performance, “Thank you Dubai for being a wonderful audience. After a great show, a 4o clock morning flight, just landed and heading to shoot Agneepath. Overworked, underslept and an unwavering spirit. It is what it is!” 

Shahid posted on his Twitter page, “Thank u Dubai for being such a wonderful audience ..... Napping for 2 hours before I head off to the airport back to Mumbai n back to ‘Mausam’."
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Shahid finds Priyanka hotter than Kareena!

Shahid finds Priyanka hotter than Kareena!
Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Bollywood heartthrob Shahid Kapoor, who was once madly in love with Kareena Kapoor and later chose Priyanka Chopra as his ladylove is very much single now.

His relationship with Bebo that lasted for over 4 years ended on a bitter note. And to make life worse for him, his love life with Piggy Chops ended after a brief period.

However, in spite of being in an on-off relationship with PC, Shahid seems to have much deeper feelings for his `Kaminey` co-star than what he has for the Kapoor girl.

When quizzed by a magazine on who among Kareena and Priyanka does he find hotter, Shahid showed least inhibitions in naming Priyanka.

“Personally I think Priyanka is hotter”, he said.

Moreover, the hunk made no reference to Kareena at all! On being poked once again by the magazine on who he finds sexier among Kareena, Sonam Kapoor and Priyanka, he named his `Mausam` co-star.

Looks like Shahid has left Kareena far behind!

Are we right Sasha? 

Shahid Kapoor’s secret crush: Scarlett Johansson!

Shahid Kapoor’s secret crush: Scarlett Johansson!

The Mausam actor revealed to Simi Garewal that he finds her desirable

Shahid Kapoor may keep mum about Priyanka Chopra, but he has no problems admitting to his fantasy love interest. The actor admitted to Simi Garewal on her chat show Simi Selects India’s Most Desirable that he secretly adores Scarlett Johansson. On being asked whom he thinks has redefined their status as to become a symbol of desirability, he said, “Scarlett Johansson is extremely desirable. She is the one woman who I think I love. The mature kind.” On being asked if he could fall in love with a simple ordinary girl he said, “I think the best thing for an actor is to date an ordinary simple girl because it kind of brings back a certain amount of normalcy into your life. I think it would be great for an actor to date somebody who is not from the film industry. I think it kind of opens your horizons but the chances of that happening are very limited.” We wonder what Priyanka has to say about that!
Simi Selects India’s Most Desirable airs Sundays 9pm on Star World

Shahid Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan on the sets of Just Dance TV show




Shahid Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan on the sets of Just Dance show 

My relationship status is 'Confused': Shahid Kapoor

My relationship status is 'Confused': Shahid Kapoor
Published: Saturday, Sep 3, 2011, 9:25 IST 
By Gauri Sinh | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA

Shahid Kapoor dropped by at DNATuesday afternoon.A sunny yellow Tee and an equally sunshiny grin to combat any wet weather blues that might be pervasive around the office. He is a celebrity known for his tight reserve, his control — preferring such a diplomatic stance most times that many movie scribes privately dub him ‘too politically correct’.
Tuesday though, contrary to his no-frills approach, he was in his element. He laughed, he quipped, he regaled the ladies in the room with flirtatious banter — and all through looked as though he was enjoying himself.
DNAWhat do you think of men’s fashion? 
Shahid: I hardly have any understanding of it.
DNAYou won the best dressed actor for the DNA After Hrs Style Awards last year.
Shahid: Of course I understand fashion! (laughing)
DNAWhat’s with you and the hoods?
Shahid: Yaar, main baal ugaa raha huToh, I just use the hood to put them back.
DNATorn jeans?
Shahid: Maine kam kar diya hain, dekh. A lot of people told me that they see me in the same pair of jeans everywhere. I’m working on it, man, I’m working on it — under Sonam’s (Kapoor) advice. That there is more to life than torn jeans and tee-shirts.
DNA: Is Sonam taller than you?
Shahid: No Sonam is not taller than me but I think when she wears these 3 inches heels she becomes taller. Bahut lambi hai yaar…!
In his casual banter, Shahid revealed some intimate facets — that he’s an insomniac, that he has a Golden Retriever called Kaiser who he adores, that co-piloting an F-16 made him lose inhibitions, it was that ‘extreme’.
He artfully dodged the one question we’re all wishing he would come clean on, though: What’s his relationship status? To that, Shahid’s rejoinder: Main khud nahin jaanta mera kya status hain. Even on Facebook my status is ‘Confused’… ‘It’s Complicated’!
That answer, though non-committal, charmed the room, as he knew it would. We don’t know if you let your guard down with us, or if it was a carefully studied performance, all the comic repartee and easy vibes — but act or fact, Shahid, it was a treat to laugh with you!

Up, Close and Personal with Shahid Kapoor

Up, Close and Personal with Shahid Kapoor
Published: Saturday, Sep 3, 2011, 10:22 IST | Updated: Saturday, Sep 3, 2011, 11:03 IST 
By Team After Hours | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA
Actor Shahid Kapoor revealed some of his intimate secrets to DNA when he visited the office. Excerpts from the interview..
You like music?
I love house music. I obviously listen to a lot of Hindi music, usually not my own films because by the time it’s ready you’ve heard it so many times and you’re quite tired of it. Ummm, right now it’s Pitbull. I listen to energetic music in the mornings
What’s your fave pastime?
I enjoy chilling with my dog.I have a golden retrievercalled Kaiser — named after the German King. Nothing to do with that though (laughs). As a kid, I used to have this family friend who used to breed dogs. He had a black Doberman, he was huge and used to lick my face. And that’s the strongest memory I have of a dog. So I always wanted to have a dog named Kaiser.
You are young, talented, successful… Is there anything that you miss in life?I live alone. I don’t like that. So that’ll be the one thing I’d say I want to change.
You want to marry, y’mean?That’s a bit extreme. (laughs) Maybe I’d start up with finding someone who I like enough.
And what kind of girl would you like to marry?Anyone who is able to handle me yaar.
Are you tough to handle?I’m sure I’m tough to handle.
You’ve imbibed acting from your father (actor-director Pankaj Kapur) and dancing from your mother (Neelima Azim)… what is it that you are more comfortable with?I love both equally, very difficult for me choose. (pauses and thinks) well very difficult. Maybe there is a lot more to discover as an actor than as a dancer since I have trained professionally in dance, but as an actor I’ve had no professional training. Though I think even as a dancer I can learn a lot more but the desire to learn as an actor is probably much more.
How does your dad feel about your work?He’s very kind, ya. So he praises most of my performances, though I’m sure in his head he’s be thinking what the hell is he doing (laughs). And I think the biggest compliment is that he choose to cast me in the first film that he’s directing, Mausam. And my father is a thorough professional — he’d never cast me unless he feels I’m good enough to fit the role.
How much does the co-actor matter in picking a movie?In decision making not at all. But when you are performing with somebody the afct that they are good actors really help. Coz I don’t think that an actor is an island. I think any scene/performance of mine that people might have liked is as much…. what the co-actor has done or the rest of the team has done — is as much a part of that achievement as my work is.
So who is the one co-star you are most compatible with?
Right now Sonam.
You are one of the best dancers in the country but you’ve taken a form which is very different from your mom?
She’s always very insecure. Tu kathak mat seekhna. Learn a dance form which is more boyish. But I think whatever I am as a dancer is because of her. It’s running in my blood.
Does she like your work?
My mom is a bit biased towards me she likes everything about me. That’s a bit of a problem. I keep telling her to criticise me a little. But then dad covers up... he’spretty critical of me.
You were planning a flash mob?
Yeah, we were planning to do a flash mob in New York. But then this hurricane Irene had hit the place so there was flash floods and no flash mobs.
Don’t you want to do one here?
Mumbai mein toh kahi par bhi naachne lago flash mob ho jaayega.
Would you want to do a dance-based reality TV show?
I have been offered. I’d want to do something in TV that excites me, something new and different. Yes, I love dancing, so if it were something associated with dancing I’d love it. A lot of these reality shows however I think are totally crappy and are leading people into wrong directions.
You flew in a F16. Are you planning to take it further?
I want to. I’m really keen on the idea. And after the flight on F16, I have lost all inhibitions I had. It is just extreme. You can blank out and all that stuff can happen. There are G forces that act. At G9 you feel you feel nine times the weight of your body…
Is Sonam your 3am buddy?
See, I am an insomniac. So most people who know me are aware that I will be available to talk at 3 in the night.
Any particular role you’d really want to do?I’d love to play the Joker in Dark Knight. I don’t mind if I die after it.
You are one of the contenders for india’s most desirable man.
Laughs. Yeah, put them in a boxing ring man… what contendersand all.