Saturday, September 03, 2011

My relationship status is 'Confused': Shahid Kapoor

My relationship status is 'Confused': Shahid Kapoor
Published: Saturday, Sep 3, 2011, 9:25 IST 
By Gauri Sinh | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA

Shahid Kapoor dropped by at DNATuesday afternoon.A sunny yellow Tee and an equally sunshiny grin to combat any wet weather blues that might be pervasive around the office. He is a celebrity known for his tight reserve, his control — preferring such a diplomatic stance most times that many movie scribes privately dub him ‘too politically correct’.
Tuesday though, contrary to his no-frills approach, he was in his element. He laughed, he quipped, he regaled the ladies in the room with flirtatious banter — and all through looked as though he was enjoying himself.
DNAWhat do you think of men’s fashion? 
Shahid: I hardly have any understanding of it.
DNAYou won the best dressed actor for the DNA After Hrs Style Awards last year.
Shahid: Of course I understand fashion! (laughing)
DNAWhat’s with you and the hoods?
Shahid: Yaar, main baal ugaa raha huToh, I just use the hood to put them back.
DNATorn jeans?
Shahid: Maine kam kar diya hain, dekh. A lot of people told me that they see me in the same pair of jeans everywhere. I’m working on it, man, I’m working on it — under Sonam’s (Kapoor) advice. That there is more to life than torn jeans and tee-shirts.
DNA: Is Sonam taller than you?
Shahid: No Sonam is not taller than me but I think when she wears these 3 inches heels she becomes taller. Bahut lambi hai yaar…!
In his casual banter, Shahid revealed some intimate facets — that he’s an insomniac, that he has a Golden Retriever called Kaiser who he adores, that co-piloting an F-16 made him lose inhibitions, it was that ‘extreme’.
He artfully dodged the one question we’re all wishing he would come clean on, though: What’s his relationship status? To that, Shahid’s rejoinder: Main khud nahin jaanta mera kya status hain. Even on Facebook my status is ‘Confused’… ‘It’s Complicated’!
That answer, though non-committal, charmed the room, as he knew it would. We don’t know if you let your guard down with us, or if it was a carefully studied performance, all the comic repartee and easy vibes — but act or fact, Shahid, it was a treat to laugh with you!