Friday, August 12, 2011

Poster of Shahid Kapoor starrer Mausam similar to Titanic?

Poster of Shahid Kapoor starrer Mausam similar to Titanic?

It’s almost a year since we saw Shahid Kapoor in a film. His fans are eagerly waiting for his film Mausam which is helmed by his dad Pankaj Kapur. The USP of the film is said to be its unusual love story which travels across times. Shahid is Harry and Sonam Kapoor is his ladylove Aayat, and after seeing a few trailers and stills from the film, we can feel the romance, the passion between the two lovers. 

Recently the makers launched a poster of the film in keeping with its theme, love. In it, Shahid is seen holding Sonam’s hand and the two are lost in that moment as time stands still. The poster is magical, but it gave us a feeling of déjà vu. Where have we seen something like this? After some time, it was clear! 

Mausam poster can easily remind any one of the Titanic poster. When Titanic released in India, people were not that hooked to the internet. The posters of the films which we used to see on the theatre billboards usually left an impression. Titanic poster also had that effect. 

What is strikingly similar between the two posters is Sonam’s costume and her hairstyle. She is wearing a gown just like the heroine of Titanic, Kate Winslet, on the poster. 

Have a look at the two posters, and tell us what you feel? Do you doubt the creativity of artists involved with Mausam or is it mere a coincidence.