Monday, August 10, 2009

Despite A certificate Kaminey meant for all ages Shahid Kapoor

Despite A certificate, 'Kaminey' meant for all ages: Shahid

Chandigarh, Aug 9 (IANS) Though "Kaminey" has been given an 'A' certificate it is not a film that will make viewers uncomfortable, promises Shahid Kapoor, who plays a double role in the Vishal Bharadwaj movie.

The young actor also says that the film provides intelligent fare to the audience.

"Normally filmmakers ask viewers to leave their brain at home when they come to see their movies, but here I am advising them to bring their minds along. It is not a run of the mill movie, it actually stands out," said Shahid.

"Kaminey" is releasing Friday with 1,100 prints despite an 'A' certificate.

"It is given 'A' certificate but it is a movie for all age group... it's not a film that would make you uncomfortable while watching. 'Kaminey' will be my widest released movie so far. Till date my biggest hit 'Jab we met' was released in 927 prints but 'Kaminey' is releasing with 1,100 prints," said Shahid.

The actor promises new things in the movie.

"'Kaminey' is certainly an important film for me as I have tried many new things in it. For the first time I am playing a double role and I am trying something different from a love story. In fact, this is also the first commercial film of Vishal Bharadwaj," said Shahid who was here to promote the film.

"I have seen the movie and also shown it to my family members. The movie has really come out well and we are getting good reactions," added the actor who has teamed up with Priyanka Chopra in it.

Throwing light on his role, the actor said: "I am playing the role of Charlie and Guddu - two brothers - in the movie. They are entirely different characters and do not even match with my real life, therefore it was a challenging task for me to play the role to perfection."

One of the characters he plays stammers and to prepare for the role Shahid met many ENT doctors, speech therapists and people with stammering problems.

"As the protagonist in the movie has some speech disorder, I met many experts as we did not want to make a caricature out of the characters. We have portrayed them very seriously and sensibly," he said.

About the title, he said: "When Vishal told me the title then I actually stood up in surprise. Even Priyanka and other star-cast were equally surprised. But when Vishal explained to us the plot, we realised that it is the most appropriate title as he wanted to communicate something that was really different."

Shahid, who has six-pack abs in the film, says he is more concerned about building physical strength.

"I'm purely vegetarian and crazy about my fitness. My main aim is to increase my physical strength and not the body size. I do an amalgamation of cardio-vascular exercises, free hand and weight training for four-five days in a week," he said.


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