Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shahid Kapoor blasts Priyanka Chopra for planting stories

Shahid Kapoor blasts Priyanka Chopra for planting stories

Shahid Kapoor is pretty annoyed with his ex-flame Priyanka Chopra for planting stories about him trying to woo her back. When Shahid confronted PC, the matter went out of hand resulting in a big argument, and Priyanka ended up crying.

Shahid and Priyanka broke up a long time back but stories a bout him chasing PC haven't stopped yet.

Shahid is disturbed by stories that talk about him desperately chasing Priyanka to woo her back into his life. He has moved on and so has Priyanka. But the stories didn't stop. The actor refused to take a stand though friends suggested that his ex might be behind the stories. When he'd bring it up, she'd vehemently deny it or start crying. The actor would take her at her word and leave it at that," a source told Mid Day.
Shahid was called a 'stalker' by a section of media which he couldn't tolerate.
"Shaks was extremely upset at being called a stalker. He decided to get to the bottom of the matter and confronted PC. The logic was, if he had to contact her, he would do it in seclusion and not in front of 50 people at a party," added the source.

When Shahid confronted her, teary-eyed Priyanka explained that she's not the one spreading false rumours about him.
 "She kept telling Shahid she had no clue why people were talking like that. That night, a nervous PC called Shaks again to reassure him that she would sort the matter out and give a clarification denying that he was chasing her, if necessary," informed the source.

Priyanka again called up her ex-beau and assured him to give a statement.
"Shahid did get a call on Monday from Priyanka. She was upset and told Shahid that she will give a statement to say that there were no calls to her and that Shahid was not stalking her. She assured him that she wanted to clear the air. Shahid was very disturbed by the false claims that he is stalking Priyanka. He meets her very often for readings of Kunal Kohli's film and doesn't need to chase anyone," stated Shahid's spokesperson.

Priyanka finally gave a statement denying reports about Shahid pestering her.
"I am appalled by these reports. This is completely untrue and is just a figment of someone's overactive imagination. Shahid and I are friends and are soon to be co-stars in a new film. These are baseless rumours and frankly, very demeaning to both of us," PC told the tabloid.