Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shahid to reprise Shammi, Dev

Shahid to reprise Shammi, Dev

The new year also means the awards season will soon begin. And given the multitude of Bollywood legends who passed away this year, one can expect to see a plethora of tributes being paid to the departed greats. And while the obvious choice to pay a tribute to Shammi Kapoor would have been his grand nephew, Ranbir, it appears that it would be Shahid Kapoor who will be grooving to Shammi’s tunes now.

“Both Shahid and Ranbir are scheduled to perform at the awards, although for separate acts. While Shahid is working on the tribute to Shammi Kapoor, Ranbir is yet to confirm the details of his act,” says a spokesperson for the channel organising the awards show.

In what is a double whammy for Shahid, he could be paying a tribute to Dev Anand as well at another awards soiree. “It’s a privilege to pay homage to such greats like Dev saab and Shammiji. They are both made invaluable contributions to Indian cinema, and if I can even recreate a fraction of their magic, I’d consider it an accomplishment,” gushed Shahid.