Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Twinkle twinkle little star for Shahid Kapoor

Twinkle twinkle little star for Shahid Kapoor

Thanks to his fans, a heavenly body has been named after the actor 

Some pray. Some build temples. Some even hurl themselves on the unsuspecting celebrity. But Shahid Kapoor's fans buy a star for their star. As a birthday present for the actor who turned 31 on February 25, his fans have bought him a gift that literally glows. Mumbai Mirror has learnt that a handful of people, who admire Shahid, have bought what most heroines in Hindi cinema have been yearning for over the years. 

A friend of the actor told Mumbai Mirror, "Shahid celebrated his birthday in Goa with a bunch of friends. When he returned to his Andheri residence, he was surprised to see this unique gift waiting for him. A bunch of fans had bought a star for him and named it Shahid. The official letter from the company and a certificate claiming that the star is now named Shahid was delivered." 

Prior to this, a lunar crater in the moon's 'sea of tranquility' was christened after Shah Rukh Khan in 2010. 

The star now named after Shahid is located in the Orion constellation. "The star was booked by his fans through the official website Shahid was overwhelmed by this gesture. He wears a bracelet that his fans had earlier given him," added the friend. 

Though Shahid Kapoor remained unavailable for comment, his spokesperson confirmed the story and sent us a copy of the star certificate issued by the foundation.