Monday, April 16, 2012

Shahid Kapoor helps Nargis Fakhri

Shahid Kapoor helps Nargis Fakhri

It's easy to make friends in Bollywood. But retaining those friendships is what seems a lot more challenging. Especially if it's between an actor and an actress.

Shahid Kapoor however seems to least care about rumours of him dating newbie Nargis Fakhri. Probably why he did not think twice before tending to the lady who needed some help after a long night of partying. Eyewitnesses confirm that they saw the actress throwing up in Kapoor's car, right outside his house.

Friend indeed

Says a source, "Shahid and Nargis have been hanging out with the same set of friends. They have been spotted partying a few times in the city, but this was probably one of the nights where they went a little overboard and Nargis started to feel a little unwell. Shahid however, the gentleman he is, did everything possible to make her feel comfortable."

Adds the source, "To some extent Shahid has become oblivious to the girls he gets linked up with. He really hit it off with Nargis ever since their stage performance at one of the award functions and he isn't going to stop talking to her just because there have been rumours about them dating."

Interestingly, Nargis has recently been quoted denying her relationship with Shahid. Says the source, "This isn't the first time Shahid has helped a female friend out. He has always been around even when Priyanka needed him. He's a dependable guy, at least when it comes to friends." Well, we wonder if that's what helps him score with the lovely ladies!