Friday, April 20, 2012

Shahid Kapoor sets the terms for Vettai

 Shahid Kapoor sets the terms for Vettai

We had told you Shahid Kapoor has opted out of the Hindi remake of Tamil blockbuster Vettai. However, the actor now says he will reconsider his decision provided a reliable Hindi dialogue writer is brought into the project by director N Linguswamy. "Get a good Hindi dialogue writer," Sasha is reported to have given an ultimatum to Linguswamy.

So the problem was only about the language? Linguswamy told Mirror, "I cannot communicate in Hindi. And the dialogues were not being translated properly. That was the main problem. Now my producers UTV are hiring a dialogue writer of their choice, who will be getting together with the Tamil dialogue writer of Vettai to get the essence of the dialogues."

Is Sasha convinced? Says Linguswamy, "We've sorted out the problem and are getting ready to shoot. You must understand I've never done a Hindi film. And it's an all-new experience for me. The Hindi version of Vettai has to be totally different from the Tamil one."

According to a source close to the project, Shahid wasn't impressed by the dialogues in Hindi while the same dialogues in Tamil were bang-on. Buzz is that in all probability, Prasoon Joshi will be brought on board as the Hindi dialogue writer.

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