Thursday, September 18, 2014

Shahid Kapoor on why Indian films don’t win at the Oscars

 Shahid Kapoor on why Indian films don’t win at the Oscars

"We’re a huge industry on our own. We’re the second largest in the world, in terms of making movies. I think we focus on the audience we’re making our films for. Our sensibilities are very different from Hollywood films. That is why there are very few films that work here as well as internationally," says Shahid Kapoor.

The actor adds that people "do a film in India, thinking that it will go to the Oscars. I find it stupid. I have to do a film here for the people in India. I’m not doing my current film because it’s going to get nominated somewhere. I am doing it because I want people in this country to like it," says Shahid.

He says that often, parallel cinema hits the jackpot. "Sometimes you see a lot of films that are not considered mainstream and tend to get picked up [for the Oscars] because those film-makers don’t have worries like, ‘How will I make the people of this country like it?’ They make cheaper, smaller and tighter films, and want to experiment with the kind of audience that might like it," says the actor.